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What is NEXT.JS? How to Create NEXT.JS App

What is NEXT.JS? How to Create NEXT.JS App

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Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your career as a developer, imagine a framework that understands your needs and anticipates them, providing features like hot module replacement for real-time changes and a built-in API integration that simplifies your workflow. With Next.js, crafting powerful, high-performance web applications becomes an intuitive experience. It embraces your creativity, offering a perfect blend of server-side rendering, effortless client-side navigation, and automatic code splitting. In this blog, we will discuss NEXT.JS, the benefits and features of NEXT.Js, and a step-by-step tutorial of the NEXT.Js App.


In modern web development, the demand for efficient and scalable frameworks is higher than ever. This brings us to Next.js, a powerful React framework that simplifies building robust web applications.

What is Next.js?

Next.js is a React framework that allows developers to build server-rendered React applications easily. It provides a set of conventions and features that streamline the development process, making it an excellent choice for both small projects and large-scale applications.

Key Features and Benefits of Next.js:

  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR): Next.js enables server-side rendering, enhancing performance and SEO optimization.
  • Routing: A file-system-based router built on top of Server Components that support layouts, nested routing, loading states, error handling, and more.
  • Automatic Code Splitting: The framework intelligently splits your code, delivering only the necessary components to the client, reducing initial load times.
  • Zero Configuration: With Next.js, you can start building without the hassle of complex configurations. However, it’s highly customizable for advanced use cases.
  • Hot Module Replacement (HMR): Enjoy a seamless development experience with HMR, allowing you to see the changes in real time without a full page reload.
  • Static Site Generation (SSG): Generate static websites quickly, combining the benefits of static and dynamic rendering.
  • Styling: Support for your preferred styling methods, including CSS Modules, Tailwind CSS, and CSS-in-JS

Next.js 14.0.1: Latest Version

The latest version of Next.js is 14.0.4, which was released on December 12th, 2023. It’s a major update offering significant performance improvements and exciting new features compared to the 13.x line. Next.js 14 is now 53% faster. The revolutionary Turbopack propels code at lightning speed, boasting a 94% update boost for seamless edits. Yet, it’s not just about speed; it’s a feature-rich celebration! Server Components enable cleaner code by fetching data directly on servers. With Partial Prerendering, dynamically enhancing static pages boosts SEO and load times.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Create a Next.js App

Ensure you have Node.js installed on your machine. You can download and install it from the official Node.js website:

Step 1: Create a Next.js App

Open your terminal and run the following commands:
next js

Replace “my-nextjs-app” with the desired name for your project. This uses npx and the create-next-app tool to set up a new Next.js project.

Step 2: Run the Development Server

Navigate to your project folder and start the development server:
npm run dev

This command starts the development server, and you can view your Next.js app by opening http://localhost:3000/ in your web browser.

Step 3: Explore the Project Structure

Next.js follows a convention for project structure. Key folders include pages where you’ll find your application’s routes and public for static assets.

Step 4: Create Pages

In the pages directory, create .js files for each page of your app. For example:
create app nextjs

export default HomePage;

Step 5: Navigate Between Pages

Use the Link component from next/link to enable client-side navigation:
create app

export default HomePage;

Step 6: Build and Deploy

When ready to deploy, run:

npm run build

Why Choose NEXT.JS:

Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

Next.js provides built-in support for SSR, improving performance by rendering pages on the server before sending them to the client. This enhances SEO and initial page load times.

Efficient Client-Side Navigation

With its client-side routing, Next.js enables fast navigation between pages, offering a seamless and responsive user experience.

Automatic Code Splitting

Next.js automatically splits code into smaller chunks, optimizing the loading of only the necessary resources for each page, resulting in faster page loads.

Built-In CSS Support

Next.js supports various CSS solutions, including CSS-in-JS libraries, allowing developers to choose the styling approach that best fits their preferences.

Static Site Generation (SSG)

Next.js supports both SSR and SSG, offering flexibility to choose the rendering method that best suits each page, optimizing performance and reducing server load.


With a simple and intuitive structure, automatic routing, and a rich set of features, Next.js streamlines the development process and reduces the learning curve for new developers.


Suitable for various project types, including single-page applications, static websites, and dynamic web applications, Next.js is versatile and adaptable to different development needs.

Some Popular examples of a Next.js App

nextjs app

  • TikTok: TikTok one of the popular short-form video platform leverages Next.js for its smooth and dynamic user experience.
  • Notion: The all-in-one workspace app utilizes Next.js for its fast and responsive web interface
  • Marvel: The official website of the famous comic book giant Marvel uses Next.js for its dynamic content and engaging user experience.
  • Twitch: The leading live streaming platform for gamers and creators relies on Next.js for its scalability and performance.
  • Hulu: The on-demand video streaming service uses Next.js for its intuitive and engaging interface.

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