With the use of Node.js, you can use JavaScript throughout the development of an application. This makes the development much more efficient and easier as you will not have to keep a team of people with different expertise for the front and back end. 


Node.js also allows you to customize the working environment per the project’s requirements. You can either use JavaScript or TypeScript to work with. 


One of the most significant advantages of using Node.js is the largest software registry (library) it hosts. With over one million packages, finding a solution to a problem in your development cycle is very easy.  


Since creating an API in Node is very simple, Node.js is an ideal choice for developers constructing microservice environments since they link multiple APIs together.  


Node.js runs single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous programming, which is very memory efficient, making it an ideal choice for microservices. 


Another advantage of using Node.js is the native support it receives from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Node.js is compatible with Amazon’s in-browser integrated development environment. It has one of the lowest entry barriers for a scalable microservice. 

Because of the robustness, scalability, and strong community support, Node.js is used to build feature-rich, real-time applications where the I/O traffic is heavy. Characteristics of Node.js makes it an ideal choice for streaming apps, social media apps, intelligent city apps, project management tools, instant messaging apps, real-time collaboration tools, real-time chat apps, ridesharing apps, food ordering apps, and so on.  

Many big tech companies like Netflix, Uber, Twitter, Trello, PayPal, and eBay successfully use Node.js.  

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CodeStore: A source for your Node.js developers need 

CodeStore has a talent pool of 70+ experts working across various technologies and around eight years of experience building and maintaining custom software solutions for global clients. Our team of Node.js has people with a wide range of experience and is available to serve the needs of clients of various sizes. We bring a team structure that guarantees the successful delivery of your work. Every engagement, whether small or large, is supported by the system, which consists of a project manager and internal QA to ensure the delivery of quality work on time.

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Node.JS Development Solutions We Provide

We provide well-researched and tailored products based on our prospect’s requirements . Hire our Node.js developer today!

Caddy Management System

The Caddy Management System is an app developed for the golf courses to manage the caddies to transport people and golf equipment. It has been launched successfully and eased the caddy management like never before.

Conference Management

The Conference Management App is developed using the development platform Node.Js. Our developers have crafted this Application loaded with many exciting features keeping in mind the management issues faced during conferences and are loaded with many exciting features.

Birthday RSVP

We have developed the Birthday RSVP app using the Node.Js development platform. The users can prepare customized birthday cards and innovative lines to wish their closest ones. One can also add the other users to their social list and interact with them.

Online/offline Document Sharing

The Online/Offline Document sharing app is a useful application that can be deployed to edit & make changes to the documents even when you are offline. Once you are connected to the internet, the changes made will be synced & you can share the documents.

Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief App is developed to address the issues faced in remote areas during a disaster that can potentially cut off internet connection. The users can communicate by messages that are saved as local draft data & are sent instantaneously as soon as the internet connection is restored.

High-Performance Applications

For typical Node.Js applications, a majority of processing time is spent waiting for network, file system, and database transactions to complete. Node.Js is an elegant solution for handling high request volumes thanks to its asynchronous I/O methods, which allow simultaneous requests to be served during the time it takes for a read/write to complete.

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    Yes, with us, you can scale up/ down the team per the project’s need. 

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    Yes, without any issue. We keep at least 2 hours of overlap with your working hours for daily stand-ups and project discussions. 

    All of our engineering team is based out of Noida, India. 

    Yes, you will communicate directly with the developer using emails, MS Teams, and the Project Management Tool of your choice.

    With us, you can hire an developer on a full-time monthly basis, part-time hourly, and per project basis. 

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