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At CodeStore Technologies, we craft powerful & appealing social media apps that are modeled to build an inspiring brand presence for businesses on the social channels. Our experts ensure that the specifications of the clients are well-understood and retained in mind while developing customized social apps for them. In addition to that, they follow the latest market trends so that the apps deliver unmatched user experiences that assist businesses to connect with the customers and convert them into brand loyalists.

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 800+ Projects Delivered
  • 200+ Happy Clients
  • 100+ Team
  • 50+ Analytic Customizable Dashboards Delivered

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A Social Media App Development Partner That You Can Trust!

A majestic social presence is necessary for every business now as this is the channel that can produce a huge customer base for them. It helps them to be in the news and complements their branding approach as well. In fact, social media have become the backbone for online advertising & marketing campaigns today. For this reason, many businesses are keenly investing in social media app development so as to get the much-needed competitive edge as well as boost their reach & growth by approaching people socially.

At CodeStore Technologies, our social networking solutions are perfect, scalable, & boasts of the best information sharing features(status, pictures, videos, instant messaging, ratings, and comments, etc). Our experts verify and assess your idea, opt for the best tech stack based on project requirements & develop an optimized social media app that has a strong commercial appeal.

We deliver customized Social Networking platforms that can potentially build Online Communities & Knowledge Networks, by delivering great user experience and responsive web designs.

We Develop the Finest Social Media Apps To Propel Businesses!

Do you know why CodeStore Technologies is better than others? Others just know technology. We know the tech & we understand the target audience. A functional social media app is not enough! There are hundreds of them and to get noticed in a competitive environment, you won’t have a second chance. You need to capture the attention of users! Codestore Technologies can weave a spell around your customers with a highly interactive social media app and boost customer loyalty!


In-App Communication

push-notifications & news-feed

Push Notifications


Google Map Integration


Refined UI/UX

No matter if you already have a social media platform of your own, or want to develop a new one from scratch, we can improve your existing platform or craft an amazing solution for you. Apart from developing social media solutions, we can also embed the analytical tools into your product that track your customers & the way they interact with your app.


Reporting & Analytics Tools


Online Polling & Reviews


Data Security & Encryption


Payment System Integration

A Finance App That Delights The Consumers & Companies Alike!

At CodeStore, our proficient app experts design social media apps that are lightweight, engaging, secured & fast. All these features make our social media platforms very addictive to users and they will love to come back again and again.

  • User Interface Personalization
  • Cross-platform Functionality
  • Robust Newsfeed
  • Third Party API-Integration

Common Challenges During Financial App Development



Social media platforms require high-performance apps. A social media app will fail to survive in the market if the app is unresponsive & slow. If the performance expectations are not met, the app will be abandoned by the users. We craft applications with doors open for future growth & scaling.


Users demand intuitive UI/UX designs to be nowadays. The core features must be crystal clear & the interfaces must be understandable. There should be a perfect balance between simplicity and delightful features. Our seasoned social media app developers are skilled in striking the right balance between both ends!



People love to socialize in a secure environment & be in control of their privacy. Maintaining users’ integrity and security can aid in achieving business goals & increase revenue. The developers from the CodeStore craft apps that offer features to help individuals fulfill that right.


To boost engagement among the users, a social media platform must offer features that others are not. All the successful apps have something unique that sets them apart. As you discuss your ideas with our developers, our finest brains will provide valuable inputs in every stage that will make the app stand apart in the crowded market.


Our Solutions

chat application

Chat Application

CodeStore Technologies have already developed a versatile chat app that can be integrated into many apps. As we develop customized social media apps for you, we can easily add the chat feature to provide a better experience to the users.

connect social

Connect Social

Connect Social is a social app already developed by CodeStore Technologies that can be utilized to connect with the users already using the platform. It facilitates the sharing of pictures, videos among other things.


Shrine Hub

ShrineHub is designed to connect the religious community by functioning as a social media app. The users get all the critical notifications of events and communication between the users is seamless with options for sharing audio and video.

dating app

Dating App

We have experience in developing dating apps that can be used by the Gen Y to connect with people of their choice. We can incorporate dating features in the social media app for you in case the client demands something like that!


Integrated Social Management

Managing several online profiles can be a challenge. Keeping this challenge in mind, we can develop an integrated social management dashboard that facilitates managing all the social media profiles from one central app.

push-notifications & news-feed

Push Notifications & NewsFeed

We can incorporate the Push Notification feature in the social media apps that we craft to improve the engagement of users. We can also provide a robust NewsFeed within the app that can be personalized by the users.

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