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Hire an Ionic Developer who is accomplished and proficient to solve the dynamic problems of your business. At CodeStore, we power your venture with a dexterous team with the best possible technical expertise to shape your vision in customized mobile and web solutions.

  • 10+ Years of experience
  • 800+ projects delivered
  • 200+ Happy Clients
  • 100+ Team
  • 50+ Analytic customizable dashboards delivered

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    The Quest Of Our Proficient and Dedicated Ionic Developers!

    Built on Apache Cordova and AngularJS, Ionic facilitates web developers to craft advanced applications smoothly. It is considered as one of the best open-source software development kits for cross-platform mobile app development. Ionic provides unique components and themes which allow developers to craft applications with a classic and utilitarian user interface. It has a light theme as well as a dark theme for mobile applications.

    An extensible base theme, mobile components, typography, and interactive paradigms are several of the many features included in Ionic.

    Ionic applications are crafted with the help of Ionic command line (CLI) and require a native wrapper such as Cordova to function as a native application. There is a built-in development server in the Ionic command-line interface.

    Hire Ionic Developer CodeStore

    The Ionic developers of CodeStore expertly enhance your business with outstanding hybrid mobile applications. Our team is committed to helping you create and deliver custom hybrid applications that meet your requirements with deep knowledge of various mobile operating systems and platforms. Throughout the years, our Ionic App development tools and a broad variety of other similar cloud solutions have been used by business organizations. We offer excellent cross-platform mobile application development services to start-ups, SMEs, and large-scale business organizations, when you hire Ionic software developers from us.

    With unparalleled experience in AngularJS, our Ionic developers are capable of providing AngularJS with all the necessary features without requiring Native SDKs. In order to ensure great performance at the most profitable prices, we meet stringent global coding standards. By creating user-friendly, optimized mobile applications using the latest technology, we have helped many businesses gain popularity in the target market with our strict adherence to the AGILE methodology.


    A simplified timeline to hire developers from CodeStore!

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    A synopsis of the hiring process of an IONIC developer.

    We offer a versatile business model that caters to organizations of varied sizes and requirements. Hire an IONIC developer today!

    Parameters Fixed cost Model T & M Model Monthly
    Payment Dependent on Delivery Timeline Pay as the development progresses Payment on monthly intervals
    Span of Project As stated in the Contract It is variable, if changes are made by clients regularly As stated in the contract
    Communication model Seamless communication during the app development phase Seamless communication during the app development phase Seamless communication during the app development phase
    Benefits Cost-effective than the other models Changes can be made, if such a situation arises Changes can be made, if such a situation arises
    Work Evaluation of the entire project when it ends Separate evaluation of tasks Separate evaluation of tasks
    Timing Restricted time-frame for projects There is no stipulated time-frame A fixed number of month/months are allotted.
    Methodologies We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends. We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends. We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends.

    Our strategy – Hire Ionic Developer

    We have tailored the different business model to hire full stack hire ionic developer based on fixed cost, T&M based and monthly.

    Hire Ionic Developer CodeStore 5

    Charity with a Twist

    CWAT is an amazing application from our skilled developers that uses AWS to help users quickly raise funds for non-governmental organizations and others. It has a master management panel and users can connect and receive benefits socially.

    Hire Ionic Developer CodeStore 6

    Restaurant Reservation

    Our team of proficient Ionic developers have experience in developing the Restaurant Reservation App that helps the customers to book a table at their preferred slots. This allows seamless integration of the restaurants with the customers and saves both time & effort.

    Hire Ionic Developer CodeStore 7

    Conference Management

    The Conference Management App is built using Ionic development. Our developers have skillfully created this app by taking into consideration the conference management issues faced by all of us in our daily work life.  This application makes the tiring and time cumbersome task of conference mgt. easier and hassle-free.

    Hire Ionic Developer CodeStore 8

    Caddy Management

    The Caddy Management Framework is an application designed to manage the golf courses to transport golfers and equipment. It is a very successful application developed by our best ionic developers that showcase never before seen caddy management system.

    Hire Ionic Developer CodeStore 9

    Reward Store

    The reward store is a very intriguing application developed by our ionic developers that can be used by users to earn rewards in applications by completing some pre-designated tasks or suggested actions. It can be app-exclusive points, virtual currency, and much more.

    Hire Ionic Developer CodeStore 10

    Ad Campaign Manager

    We have developed an Ionic powered Ad Campaign Manager that can track advertising campaigns for companies. It can provide valuable insights on how to improve the effectiveness of the campaign by tracking the basic indicators and compiling data.

    Our strategy – Hire Ionic Developer

    We have customized our services for different business models so that we offer full-stack ionic developers on a fixed cost, T&M, and monthly.

    Parameters Part Time Full Time
    Duration 80 Hours(minimum 1 month contract) 160 Hours(minimum 1 month contract)
    Communication Skype, Google meet, Phone call Skype, Google meet, Phone call
    Hiring Period 1- “X” Months 1- “X” Months
    Project Trackers Time Doctor/Hubstaff/Worksnaps Time Doctor/Hubstaff/Worksnaps
    Methodology Agile Agile
    Bug tracker Jira Jira

    Why Choose Us

    In short,  every technology is an opportunity to take your business to the next level. Our experts can easily implement the technology that you want to deploy. Moreover, we use an efficient way to deliver your business to the next orbit of growth and new opportunities.

    10+ Years of Experience

    Our team has a combined experience of 10+ years. Besides that, we have successfully delivered many projects and achieved the business goals of the companies.

    200+ Projects Delivered

    We have successfully developed 200+ projects over the years. Also, We deliver the projects to clients within the stipulated time-frames to launch the ideas and services as fast as possible.

    100+ Happy Clients

    We have 100+ happy clients who are happy with our services. Above all, A few of them even hired us for subsequent projects by noting our expertise in various development projects.

    100+ Team

    We are a proud team of 100+ members and are constantly expanding our team to add to our unique workforce. Above all, we believe in a healthy team culture where everyone plays their role and functions as a unit.

    Perks of Hiring us

    Not only we deploy developers, designers, and digital marketers for your project but also we assign a project manager and a team leader who handles all the work during the development phase in close coordination with you!

    100% Client satisfaction

    Client satisfaction remains our top priority from Day 1 and above all, we make sure that there is seamless communication. Strict adherence to NDA and other contract details at all stages of the project. We try to deliver a better project than what the client has asked for.

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