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Education & E-learning has emerged as a successful solution to educate the remote corners of the globe and also as a viable business model. CodeStore Technologies is ready to help educational firms with innovative and modern e-learning app development services, with its technical prowess. We provide unparalleled education app development solutions at cost-effective prices. We can associate with schools, colleges, universities, startups, institutes, etc to provide an enhanced mobility experience for the learners!

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    Hire The Best e-learning Software Developers

    CodeStore Technologies is one of the best education app development companies. We can provide a wide range of customized applications to clients. With a treasure trove of knowledge in app development and expertise on many platforms and frameworks, our education app developers are a dedicated squad who are always looking to integrate the latest technology to develop innovative interaction models for the emerging education scenario where more and more students are drifting to online learning.

    By analyzing the requirements of clients, we code the core functionalities of the educational areas that they want to specialize in. We provide result-oriented solutions, that delight both the clients and the learners.

    Education App Development codestore

    As we implement our vision of a tech-driven education sector, we build simplistic yet collaborative and appealing applications that help learners to connect with the e-learning platform and relish the benefits of online learning!

    OUR Excellent Features To Enhance The e-learning Experience

    As smartphones & tablets have become popular, it has led to the growth of e-learning application development. A massive interest among people to access e-learning content is disrupting the education sector. Mobile devices allow users with instant access to e-learning content anytime, anywhere! At CodeStore Technologies, we design and develop custom eLearning features that are tailored to suit your needs, customers, and objectives.

    Education App Development codestore 1

    User-friendly Panel & Functionalities

    Education App Development codestore 2

    Appealing Designs

    Education App Development codestore 3

    Course Progress Tracker

    Education App Development codestore 4

    Student/Teacher Panel

    Whether it’s self-learning or remotely hiring a teacher, online learning has reduced obstacles that have benefited students and teachers alike. The students can opt for their time, place, and the course to learn at their own pace.

    Education App Development codestore 5

    Digital Assistant

    Education App Development codestore 6

    Leader boards to Add Some Competition

    Education App Development codestore 7

    Discussion Forums

    Education App Development codestore 8

    Multi-language Support

    Single application- A multitude of functionalities

    At CodeStore, our proficient app experts design a single application that can serve many users simultaneously (University/Institution Management Team, teachers, students, etc).

    • Seperate User Segment portals (Teachers, Students, etc)
    • Customized Reporting For Different Users
    • Real-time communication
    • Live Data of App Usage & Analysis

    Challenges In The Implementation of e-learning & How We are Solving It!

    Education App Development codestore 9

    Adaptability Struggle

    It is difficult for students to switch to interactive, online and smartphone learning. We craft our applications in such a way that it is interactive for the learning brains and excites them every time they open the application.

    Technical Problems

    Many e-learning applications are not adequately armed with the technical components and thus fail to help a student efficiently. Our adept professionals develop applications with the latest and finest techs to provide the best learning experience!

    Education App Development codestore 10
    Education App Development codestore 11

    Feedback System

    In the traditional learning system, there are open-ended questions that get discussed in the class & clearing the doubts and queries of students. In our e-learning application, we can implement a common forum that can facilitate queries and discussions.

    The Isolation Problem

    Studies have shown that students learn better in groups. However, e-learners are mostly on digital islands! Keeping this in mind, our developers can integrate a chat forum or even schedule group learning sessions to bring together a herd of learners.

    Education App Development codestore 12

    Our Solutions

    chat elearning codestore

    Chat Feature

    Our developers have already built a chat app that can be integrated into the e-learning platform. This will greatly enhance the communication between the students with teachers and other students present on the platform.

    Conference Management elearning codestore

    Conference Management

    Our conference management app can facilitate group sessions wherein the students can interact with the teachers and peers. Armed with all the latest conference tools, this can make the e-learning app intuitive and robust.

    Appointment Scheduling codestore

    Appointment Scheduling

    As the students can be flexible with their study timeline in the e-learning platforms, they can use the appointment scheduling feature to fix appointments with teachers. The teachers will also get an update as such and plan their programs accordingly.

    MCQ Tool codestore

    MCQ Tool

    MCQs offer a clear picture of the students about their knowledge in any subject. Our MCQ tool allows the teachers to frame a general & customized questionnaire for the students to evaluate their learning curve.

    Surveys Tool codestore

    Surveys Tool

    For a robust overview of how far the students are being helped, the app operators and even the teachers can use the Survey tool to reach out to the users of the e-learning app.

    Fee Management Feature codestore

    Fee Management Feature

    We can integrate the fee management feature in the e-learning app that can allow the users to enroll for customized courses as per their requirement and the fee will be generated as per the course.

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