Codestore: A pool of engineering resources

Choose from a pool of pre-vetted, qualified engineers and onboard the remote engineers to add great value to your team. We have a team of over 70 engineering professionals with demonstrative skills and capabilities in their respective fields. Our experience of serving international clients for over 7 years helped us to set up a process in place that brings an unmatched level of transparency while reporting the work progress and handling daily communication – internal and client.
We also give you an option that you could consider for testing the water first and then making a decision. We offer a 2 week risk-free trial to our clients who want to assess the skills of a developer before hiring that developer as a remote team member. With this 2 weeks RFT, you can assess the skills and evaluate overall engagement. During this trial, if you find work satisfactory and are willing to continue, then only you pay for these 2 weeks and continue. If, for any reason, you are not comfortable moving forward, you can stop there without any financial obligation.

Key Befits of hiring our remote developer:

  • Fill the gap in your engineering capaciyt
  • Being in India, we make hiring an AWS developer cost-effective for you
  • Can communicate in English as the common language for communication.
  • Easy Availability of Global Talent
  • A team of developers who are flexible with time-zone compatibility.
  • A team structure that makes offshore development hassle-free for you.

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