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Life at CodeStore

Life at CodeStore


As a professional, how do I see Life at CodeStore, and what makes CodeStore a different employer? In this article, I would like to share my thoughts on why CodeStore has a ‘dream job potential’ for me.

Entering the CodeStore one can immediately see a modern office that is friendly, young, and order among the staff. Furthermore, CodeStore does not offer the opinion of any other company, but of a new, responsive workplace — in keeping with the spirit of the times!

At CodeStore, we take daily steps to build practices that help our employees succeed. Benefits of building a pleasant work environment that includes ensuring we are happy, healthy, and productive at work. If we are successful, we can create the best products and provide the highest quality of service to our employees.

Friendly atmosphere, team spirit, and open ear

CodeStore has an easy hierarchy system where everyone, including senior executives, listens to each other. You can find open ears everywhere and you are not left alone with problems. Desires, suggestions, and any criticisms in the workplace are handled freely. Employees are always encouraged to make suggestions and share ideas.

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We also know about the staff working on similar projects/projects, which gives us a platform to exchange ideas. All of this means that we have all the important organizational information we need — from regular, highly open videos to town hall contacts and reports from our CEO to interesting details about any ongoing partner projects.

Self-development and team events

At CodeStore, employees are treated as a very important resource and are always provided with the best possible support. By setting and tracking achievable annual goals, everyone develops and monitors personal development. These goals are integrated with the People Guide, through regular discussions. Every six months, policies are reviewed for suitability and compliance, and adjusted or reset. Of course, the principles of individual employee development are discussed at these meetings, based on in-service training and education.

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CodeStore often hosts group activities and events to build a team spirit. Additionally, Some events do not have specific references but are designed for entertainment and stress relief (for example, a movie day out, a game night, a standup comedy show, an outing, etc). Many of these events are organized by employees as part of their plans and supported by the company.

Trust, respect, and fairness

It is an important combination. Here, we do not work against each other, but with each other, in a very practical and open way. We share our knowledge and experience, encourage each other, and look forward to using all of our skills as a collective. To our clients, our entire team comes together, forming one CodeStore.

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With this family interaction of all CodeStorians, as we call ourselves, we have become a community that enjoys handling day-to-day challenges in the best possible way.

Think Like An Owner

Finally, to create a more open and constructive work environment, we want everyone in CodeStore to “think like an owner.” If this was our business, what decisions would we make? I have learned from my human development work; elite players want “the direction,” not the “directions.”

Gone are the days when managers used to tell their employees what to do, how to do it, and give advice. It allows them a high level of involvement, the opportunity for growth, and independence in their work and benefits the company with the highest goals that we can achieve in a variety of ways.

Rewards and recognition of CodeStore

Encouraging everyone to take the path they need and supporting them is a sure way to increase their potential. Also, if you do something you love, something you do well, and you influence the business, that is a trifecta! Employee thrives, business grows, and clients are the last winners.

These are just some of the reasons I choose CodeStore as my work environment. The company adopts CARING — Employee-centric, Agile, Responsible, Intelligent, and Great values. All of this has made me excited, confident, and proud to be part of the CodeStore.

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