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To propel an organisation to its best self, there are a lot of things that are needed to be done perfectly.

The more the networking efficiency of employees, the better the efficiency will be of the applications and tools that are utilized in any organization. This where DevOps comes into the picture !

DevOps encourages developers to engage in working together with clients, partners and other teams who may be responsible for the everyday running of the different processes.

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This is how our best DevOps Solutions tools can aid you!

We provide the best DevOps automation tools that help to speed up the organizational operations which ultimately helps to amplify the efficiency.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Our efficient DevOps experts can do continuous integration by integrating separate developers’ code into the master-copy code to the prime branch where version control is maintained. Our DevOps mechanism validates all the merges with an automatic build and test system. CI facilitates quicker code analysis & makes the future merges simpler and error-free.

Smooth Octopus Deployment

Smooth Octopus Deployment

The skilled DevOps professionals from CodeStore are adept in Octopus to smoothly integrate with code -architecture processes to facilitate app deployment and configuration. We nullify repeatable manual work and persistent alterations in the app configuration while pushing an app to a new environment.

Jenkins Deployment

Jenkins Deployment

CodeStore’s DevOps experts are experienced in using Jenkins to craft and test the software projects continuously making it very easy for the developers to merge changes to a project. It’s also easier for the users to obtain a fresh build and facilitates a continuous delivery of software by integrating a number of deployment & testing technologies.

GIT Deployment

GIT Deployment

Our DevOps team is well-versed with GIT version control system tasks. GitOps adds consistency as a developer’s workflow is at a single place and there is a single control panel for several settings. As there is no context-switching between the infrastructure and managing application code, it eases the communication between the operation and the development team.

Docker Deployment

Docker deployment

We can craft, test-run, and deploy applications as a whole with Docker by utilizing containers to package up an app with all the required parts like libraries & other dependencies. This allows the app to run on other Linux systems regardless of any customized settings. It also helps to boost performance & reduce the size of the app.

Speed-up the development cycle

Speed-up the development cycle

DevOps focuses on two pillars- communication and collaboration. As both these features are boosted, improvement in the development cycles of any organization is the natural outcome. A faster development cycle means saving precious time that can be deployed in new projects!

Improve your business with DevOps Solutions like never before!

The era of immediate fulfillment from technology has driven the consumer requirements and competitive pressures to a record high.

It’s not just about quicker coding anymore. The IT sector and business need to work together in tight collaboration – and blazingly swift.

Years before Agile and DevOps started knocking down barriers, we recognized the importance of business and technology.

Software development and operations have to go hand-in-hand and CodeStore Technologies can help to do just that with the best DevOps solutions!

Over the years, we have crafted various solutions to assist our treasured clients to minimize risk, attain a high degree of automation, and strengthen software delivery processes.

You can take advantage of the combined power of our basic tools of DevOps Solutions for continuous integration, delivery and use of applications. By leveraging the best practices on-trend, your business can focus on the strategic big canvas!

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We have done it before. This time, we will do it for YOU!

With several years of experience as a leading DevOps solutions provider, we render our clients the best-customized services that suit their organizations regardless of size and power their goals.

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Increased response time

We have a faster response time to any query or client feedback during the execution of the project.

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Faster delivery time

We deliver our projects 90% faster than our peers and that makes us stand apart.

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Client satisfaction index

Moreover, 98% of all the clients who have associated with us are satisfied with our service.

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Client retention rate

3 out of 4 of our clients prefer to prolong the association with us!

Why we are an ideal choice for you?

Agile. Transparent. Collaborative. Time Tested. Our approach in product development helps you make the right choice for your users.

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