The Best Software Testing Services To Enhance Customer Experience

CodeStore Technologies offers autonomous quality evaluation and an array of software testing services.

The experienced and highly-skilled quality assurance experts have a deep understanding of the spectrum of challenges faced by businesses on their quest for digital transformation.

Working with a fixated approach , we test a software rigorously under a stipulated time frame to improve Time-to-market , and thus, a return on investment.

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Our suite of software testing services for you!

Look no further ! CodeStore Technologies provides you the best ever Quality assurance services with an extremely skilled team of quality inspectors who work tirelessly to meet your objectives.

Configuration and Installation Test

Configuration and Installation Test

We ensure that an application is configured to perfection so that it performs as expected after the installation is complete. Installations and configuration tests ensure the performance of a web or mobile app on different operating systems, devices, supported drivers, etc.

GUI & User-usability test

GUI & User-usability test

Usability is an important aspect that no software developer can afford to neglect in any web and mobile application. In order to please consumers with demands for high usability, CodeStore proposes robust testing parameters which help stimulate the real-time scenarios.

Degree of Localization

Degree of Localization

CodeStore understands the importance of mobile app localization and incorporates the artistic, linguistic and technical customizations to blend with the culture of the target audience of any location. This helps the software to gain popularity in the long-term!

System & Integration Testing

System & Integration Testing

Codestore’s quality assurance team supervises an effective system & integration testing of software on a fully integrated system and adequately assesses the system’s conformity with the specified set of requirements. Testing of the smallest testable units is performed in numerous stages.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

In the application development process, accessibility should be properly implemented. CodeStore guarantees to provide software that can be easily operated by people with visual or hearing impairment , in case the client demands such services.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance is the most valued feature in any mobile app or web app as the efficiency of an application dictates a user’s stay. Thus, our quality inspectors conduct speed and adaptability check effectually in order to make sure that the execution attributes match the industry standards .

Software Testing is as important as software development!

An error can occur in any stage of a software development project, and some of them can go unnoticed.

This is why it is important to check the software. It is possible that both design and functionality errors will occur in the final code.

Software testing and quality assurance are important to detect these issues before they arise in a sensitive environment.

Although testing has historically been pushed to the end of the project, CodeStore’s quality assurance services adhere to the Agile approach that puts more emphasis on the involvement of QA during the development of a program.

If you are wondering how is it possible for QA to allow more tests while meeting Agile expectations, the answer lies in automation and test management tools. Automation empowers a QA to run necessary, redundant tests without manually executing them.

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This provides ample time for teams to indulge in tasks like mitigating defects and ensuring that the highest quality products are delivered within a specific timeframe.

We have done it before. And, we are ready to repeat history again!

With several years of experience in software testing and quality analysis with several companies, we offer our clients the best services to full-proof their software before they are launched in the market.

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Increased response time

We have a faster response time to any query or client feedback during the execution of the project.

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Faster delivery time

We deliver our projects 90% faster than our peers and that makes us stand apart.

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Client satisfaction index

Moreover, 98% of all the clients who have associated with us are satisfied with our service.

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Client retention rate

3 out of 4 of our clients prefer to prolong the association with us!

Why we are an ideal choice for you?

Agile. Transparent. Collaborative. Time Tested. Our approach in product development helps you make the right choice for your users.

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