Security of Azure

Azure provides the level of security that makes it a preferred choice for government projects, large enterprise applications, and start-ups. Azure supports many languages, including Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python, etc., and frameworks to build the application you want. 


How It works

As a customer, you can subscribe to Azure and access all the Azure portal services. You can then use these services to create cloud-based resources, such as VMs and databases. Microsoft charges for Azure on a use basis for the services that you subscribe for your application. 


Who uses Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a wide variety of services and resources, making it a perfect choice for businesses across diversified industries. Azure is used for: hosting databases in the cloud, running virtual machines, backup and disaster recovery management, building cloud applications for mobile devices, developing and deployment of web applications, storing structured and non-structure data, big-data analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, collaboration tools such as Azure DevOps.  

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Why CodeStore

CodeStore is a well-established software development services company based out of India, having a pool of experts across various technologies. CodeStore has been helping small and medium-sized businesses to build enterprise-grade applications using its expertise with Microsoft technologies, including Azure.  

You could choose CodeStore for your next project or your ongoing work. We also invite you to avail of our Risk-Free Trial, which allows you to evaluate a developer’s performance and overall engagement first and then make a decision.  

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    Yes, with us, you can scale up/ down the team per the project’s need. 

    You can avail of our Risk-Free Trial option to evaluate a developer’s skills and then decide.

    Yes, without any issue. We keep at least 2 hours of overlap with your working hours for daily stand-ups and project discussions. 

    All of our engineering team is based out of Noida, India. 

    Yes, you will communicate directly with the developer using emails, MS Teams, and the Project Management Tool of your choice.

    With us, you can hire an developer on a full-time monthly basis, part-time hourly, and per project basis. 

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