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The Quest Of Our Proficient and Azure Developers!

There are many cloud infrastructure services available for businesses. There is a great increment in the utilization of the Azure-based cloud environment which includes networking, analytics, mobile applications, computing, and databases, etc. Azure boasts of a unique class of service for practical business solutions. The speed of deployment, operation and scalability is pretty high in Azure.

Businesses can use Azure for continuous delivery and rapid development cycles that have fast response-time which in-turn facilitates the exploration of the hidden features of the technology. In most cases, the ultimate objective is to develop an IoT model that goes hand-in-hand with data science. The data is gathered through various components to maximize the response of analysis.

hire azure developer

If you wish to have guaranteed growth of your business with Microsoft Azure, you must consult with a leading Azure Development Company, who can assess your business requirements and deliver customized solutions. The Azure developers of CodeStore have years of experience in crafting, deploying and managing Windows Azure solutions for small to large businesses and startups. By adequately resolving business challenges, our developers have contributed to the productivity, growth, and scalability of businesses. By leveraging our technical expertise, you can expect excellent services based on your business needs.

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A synopsis of the hiring process of an Azure developer.

We offer a versatile business model that caters to organizations of varied sizes and requirements. Hire an Azure developer today!

Parameters Fixed cost Model T & M Model Monthly
Payment Dependent on Delivery Timeline Pay as the development progresses Payment on monthly intervals
Span of Project As stated in the Contract It is variable, if changes are made by clients regularly As stated in the contract
Communication model Seamless communication during the app development phase Seamless communication during the app development phase Seamless communication during the app development phase
Benefits Cost-effective than the other models Changes can be made, if such a situation arises Changes can be made, if such a situation arises
Work Evaluation of the entire project when it ends Separate evaluation of tasks Separate evaluation of tasks
Timing Restricted time-frame for projects There is no stipulated time-frame A fixed number of month/months are allotted
Methodologies We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends

Our strategy – Hire Azure Developer

We have tailored the different business model to hire full stack hire azure developer based on fixed cost, T&M based and monthly.

teamNow codestore

Team Now

The experts have created a Teamnow app using Azure, which makes it possible for different teams in an organisation, on a shared platform, to communicate easily. The app can easily sync with the work processes of different organizations.

Clinical Trials Solution codestore

Clinical Trials

Using azure our squad of adept developers have developed the Clinical Trial App. The app finds extensive usage in the clinical trials of medicines. A customized questionnaire can be prepared that aids in the research of the medicine during the trial phase.

Our strategy – Hire Azure Developer

We have customized our services for different business models so that we hire full stack hire azure developer based on a fixed cost, T&M based and monthly.

Parameters Part Time Full Time
Duration 80 Hours(minimum 1 month contract) 160 Hours(minimum 1 month contract)
Communication Jira, Worksnap
Hiring Period 1- “X” Months 1- “X” Months
Project Trackers Time Doctor/Hubstaff
Methodology Agile Agile
Bug tracker Jira

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Every technology is an opportunity to take your business to the next level. Our experts can easily implement the technology that you want to deploy in an efficient way and deliver your business to the next orbit of growth and new opportunities.

10+ Years of Experience

Our team has a combined experience of 10+ years and we have successfully delivered many projects and achieved the business goals of the companies.

800+ Projects Delivered

We have successfully developed 800+ projects over the years and delivered them to clients within the stipulated time-frames to launch the ideas and services as fast as possible.

200+ Happy Clients

We have 200+ happy clients who are happy with our services and a few of them even hired us for the subsequent projects by taking note of our expertise in various development projects.

100+ Team

We have a 100+ team and the numbers are only about to increase in the coming days. We believe in a healthy team culture where everyone plays their role and functions as a unit.

Perks of Hiring us

Not only we deploy developers, designers and digital marketers for your project but also we assign a project manager and a team leader who handles all the work during the development phase in close coordination with you!

100% Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction remains our top priority from Day 1 and we make sure that there are seamless communication and strict adherence to NDA and other contract details at all stages of the project. We try to deliver a better project than what the client has asked for.

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