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Hire Angular Developer2022-06-14T10:37:20+05:30

Hire Angular Developer

We can help you to Hire the best Angular Developers at your service on an Hourly, Monthly, and Fixed Project Basis.
Angular Devs are accomplished to solve the dynamic problems of businesses. At CodeStore, we power your venture with a dexterous team with the best possible technical expertise to shape your vision in customized mobile and web solutions.
As the leading Angular development company in the USA, Canada, and India, we have enabled it to build Angular solutions that are rich in many features and advanced UX / UI. Hire Angular development experts from us to create the most flexible, interactive, and dynamic front-ends with the latest Angular development tools and skillsets. Hire a leading angularjs programmer to successfully speed up your final construction.

  • 10+ Years of experience
  • 800+ projects delivered
  • 200+ Happy Clients
  • 100+ Team
  • 50+ Analytic customizable dashboards delivered

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We intend to understand the gravity of our prospect’s idea and promptness is our key value to achieve it.

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    The Quest Of Our Proficient Angular Developers!

    AngularJS is a popular open-source framework that is maintained by Google to allay the challenges faced by the developers during the development and testing stage of the code. AngularJs integrates HTML codes and application modules to form a robust framework. The simple-to-use MVC (Model View Controller) architecture makes it easy to plan and develop rich web applications. AngularJS requires less and thus allows the developers to put their attention more on the efficiency of the application rather than just the writing of codes.

    In addition to that, all the JavaScript code in AngularJS needs to undergo an array of tests which makes testing an in-built function by default! With the help of this tool, developers can test each and every component of the apps without any hassle. These features have made it possible for businesses to create an intriguing application in a very efficient manner.

    hire Angular Developer CodeStore

    You can hire Angular developers from CodeStore to develop highly scalable and supremely productive web apps for your business. Our enthusiastic Angular Devs can craft web applications that accurately meet your business requirements and offer a high ROI. Share your business idea or MVP with us, and our Angular programmers will build a reliable, robust, and data-driven AngularJS application with ideal quality standards. We have in-depth expertise and experience in Angular that helps us to build scalable, secure, and feature-packed applications that can operate seamlessly across devices. Our team of Angular devs provides robust, highly interactive, and well-suited web development services with a combination of easy-to-use designs. Our engineers specialize in building all kinds of web applications such as one-page applications, music streaming applications, online markets, etc. We have world-class Angular developers with outstanding expertise in all versions of AngularJS web development services.

    We offer almost all types of Angular development services including:

    • Angular Web App Development
    • Single Page Application
    • Platform Migration
    • Plugin Development
    • Widget Development
    • Angular Support & Maintenance

    CodeStore’s assistance in hiring Angular Devs

    By hiring Angular developers from CodeStore you will get the upper hand in Angular development services that meet your programming needs. Our dedicated Angular programmers have extensive knowledge of the latest Angular updates. Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework, hosted by Google

    Our certifications and recognition

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    hire Angular Developer CodeStore 3 Clutch
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    A synopsis of the hiring process of our Angular developer

    We offer a very versatile business model so that you hire best Angular developer based on fixed cost, T&M and monthly.

    Parameters Fixed cost Model T & M Model Monthly
    Payment Dependent on Delivery Timeline Pay as the development progresses Payment on monthly intervals
    Span of Project As stated in the Contract It is variable, if changes are made by clients regularly As stated in the contract
    Communication model Seamless communication during the app development phase Seamless communication during the app development phase Seamless communication during the app development phase
    Benefits Cost-effective than the other models Changes can be made, if such a situation arises Changes can be made, if such a situation arises
    Work Evaluation of the entire project when it ends Separate evaluation of tasks Separate evaluation of tasks
    Timing Restricted time-frame for projects There is no stipulated time-frame A fixed number of month/months are allotted
    Methodologies We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends We stick to AGILE method and the latest trends

    Angular Solution We Provide:

    We provide well-researched and tailored products based on our prospect’s requirements . Hire our Angular developer today!

    hire Angular Developer CodeStore 4

    Single Sign On

    We have the intelligence to develop a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola. One of the Taxi booking apps we developed is Taxi for Sure, which was later on acquired by Ola.  Get in touch with us and develop the best and most efficient Angular apps.

    hire Angular Developer CodeStore 5

    Team Now

    We have built the Team application with the help of the Angular development framework. In an organization, there are many teams and to create an efficient synergy between the teams, this application is second to none by facilitating messages, live project updates, etc.

    hire Angular Developer CodeStore 6

    Connect Social

    Angular has powered our social media application- Connect Social, where the versatile framework has been deployed efficiently to build the application. An integrated platform for fast postings in social media, users can schedule their posts for a later time!

    hire Angular Developer CodeStore 7

    Shrine Hub

    The Shrine Hub application is a church management system that has a social media interface for easy connectivity. CodeStore’s adept Angular developers have utilized the framework to develop the application. You can check the features from our YouTube channel!

    hire Angular Developer CodeStore 8


    Who does not want to have the simplicity of a single sign-on to multiple platforms/services? Using Angular, our developers can provide Single Sign-on functionality for multiple platforms that requires the same log-in details.

    hire Angular Developer CodeStore 9


    An HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is imperative for any business to function smoothly. We have provided robust and customized HRMS solutions to businesses over the years that are crafted using the Angular framework.

    Hire Angular Developer

    We have customized our services showcasing a versatile business model that aids to organizations based on their requirements and necessity.

    Parameters Part Time Full Time
    Duration 80 Hours(minimum 1 month contract) 160 Hours(minimum 1 month contract)
    Communication Skype, Google meet, Phone call Skype, Google meet, Phone call
    Hiring Period 1- “X” Months 1- “X” Months
    Project Trackers Time Doctor/Hubstaff/Worksnaps Time Doctor/Hubstaff/Worksnaps
    Methodology Agile Agile
    Bug tracker Jira Jira

    Why Choose Us

    In short,  every technology is an opportunity to take your business to the next level. Our experts can easily implement the technology that you want to deploy. Moreover, we use an efficient way to deliver your business to the next orbit of growth and new opportunities.

    10+ Years of Experience

    Our team has a combined experience of 10+ years. Besides that, we have successfully delivered many projects and achieved the business goals of the companies.

    200+ Projects Delivered

    We have successfully developed 200+ projects over the years. Also, We deliver the projects to clients within the stipulated time-frames to launch the ideas and services as fast as possible.

    100+ Happy Clients

    We have 100+ happy clients who are happy with our services. Above all, A few of them even hired us for subsequent projects by noting our expertise in various development projects.

    100+ Team

    We are a proud team of 100+ members and are constantly expanding our team to add to our unique workforce. Above all, we believe in a healthy team culture where everyone plays their role and functions as a unit.

    Perks of Hiring us

    Not only we deploy developers, designers, and digital marketers for your project but also we assign a project manager and a team leader who handles all the work during the development phase in close coordination with you!

    100% Client satisfaction

    Client satisfaction remains our top priority from Day 1 and above all, we make sure that there is seamless communication. Strict adherence to NDA and other contract details at all stages of the project. We try to deliver a better project than what the client has asked for.

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      What are the roles and responsibilities of Angular developer?2022-05-23T18:08:29+05:30

      Design and improve user communication using advanced angularJS practices. Upgrading the interface of modern online applications using the latest technology. Writing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Improving product analysis activities.

      How do I hire Angular developers?2022-05-23T18:00:14+05:30

      If you want Angular.js for hire, who will be able to fit well into the company culture, this is a very useful step in the testing process. Ask about candidate history, experience, technical knowledge, and development process for a complete understanding of each individual.

      Is Angular still in demand?2022-05-19T12:54:42+05:30

      It is one of the most sought-after roles in the country, as well as the corresponding skills, according to LinkedIn. Javascript is one of the five major skills required in the software industry today, and Angular is one of the unique skills required to succeed in this position.

      Who is the AngularJS developer?2022-05-19T12:55:15+05:30

      AngularJS devs are highly qualified JavaScript developers with knowledge of theoretical angular software engineering, who specialize in creating Single Page Applications (SPAs) with Angular Java code. They create everything the user sees and hears on a web page.

      What is required for Angularjs development?2022-05-19T12:55:36+05:30

      Good TypeScript command. Angular is written in TypeScript, a JavaScript superset. Supports solid typing and causes fewer interruptions. Extensive web-based knowledge, mainly focusing on HTML language, and CSS

      How much does it cost to hire an Angularjs developer?2022-05-19T12:56:11+05:30

      You can hire an angular developer with an hourly average rate of, Junior- $10-50/hr. Mid-level- $30-80/hr. Senior- $40-150+/hr

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