AWS has a strong and resourceful community of users and partners across the globe. AWS has customers across diversified industries and business sizes. In addition, AWS has a partner network with thousands of Partners with expertise in AWS services. 


AWS is very well known and adapted for its flexible and secure environment. It has the infrastructure to satisfy the security requirements of high-sensitive organizations like Government Agencies, Banks, etc.  


For over a decade, AWS has been powering its customers’ software solutions with unmatched experience, military-grade security, reliability, and maturity.

Who uses AWS?

Businesses across a wide range of industries, locations and sizes are using AWS as a reliable and secure cloud platform for building, deploying and running their applications. AWS is a choice of preference among small and mid-size business. Enterprise-scale customers also make a good chunk of its customer base. Some of the big names who are using AWS are: Netflix, Facebook, BBC, Baidu, ESPN, AirBnB, AOL, British Gas, Canon, Disney, Dow Jones, Financial Time and list goes on with more impressive names.


What CodeStore can do for you?

CodeStore has a team of AWS developers who you could hire as your virtual employee. You can hire aAWS developer on full-time monthly basis or part-time hourly basis. Our AWS developers can build, deploy and maintain mobile applications, website, web applications on cloud. Whether it is about developing a new SaaS application or mgrating an existing application to cloud environment, our team of experts is available to leverage your engineering capacity.

Moreover, to evaluate the skill-sets, capabilities, you could hire an AWS developer with a Risk Free Trial. This Risk -Free trial gives you an opportunity to assess the skills first and then make a decision. 

Our Achievements & Our Certifications and Recognition says it all

Our Services

You can hire our AWS developer for: 


You have build an application and now you want to deploy it to cloud, our AWS expert can help you with this. Our Developer can help you deploy the software solution to a variety of compute services such as Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and your on-premises servers. 

Mobile/ Frontend development:

Our developers can help you build mobile applications and web applications using AWS Amplify.

Support and Maintenance:

You can hire our remote AWS developer in India for ongoing support or maintenance needs at your end. 

Key Befits of hiring our remote developer

  • Fill the gap in your engineering capaciyt 
  • Being in India, we make hiring an AWS developer cost-effective for you 
  • Can communicate in English as the common language for communication. 
  • Easy Availability of Global Talent 
  • A team of developers who are flexible with time-zone compatibility. 
  • A team structure that makes offshore development hassle-free for you. 

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    Answer to your FAQs about AWS

    Yes, with us, you can scale up/ down the team per the project’s need. 

    You can avail of our Risk-Free Trial option to evaluate a developer’s skills and then decide.

    Yes, without any issue. We keep at least 2 hours of overlap with your working hours for daily stand-ups and project discussions. 

    All of our engineering team is based out of Noida, India. 

    Yes, you will communicate directly with the developer using emails, MS Teams, and the Project Management Tool of your choice.

    With us, you can hire an developer on a full-time monthly basis, part-time hourly, and per project basis. 

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