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In the 21st century world of eCommerce, consumers and businesses have undeniable advantages. For an average consumer, an e-commerce application simplifies the entire purchasing process and facilitates them with the opportunity to compare products & services. Businesses can leverage an e-commerce platform to bolster their business in the global markets by spending a fraction of the budget required for the offline business demands. CodeStore Technologies is a leading e-commerce app development company that unleashes the true potential of businesses.

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    Avail The Best Custom E-commerce App Development Services

    CodeStore Technologies is one of the leading e-commerce app development company. We have the expertise to deliver a variety of customized applications to clients who are engaged in the e-commerce sector.

    We keep in mind the target audience for businesses, budgets, products, and requirements. Right from theme customization to maintenance, we provide the most suitable solutions that enhance your business in a limited time-frame. By leveraging our capability to develop & serve all kinds of E-commerce websites, we operationalize advanced, secure, high – performance and efficient e-commerce solutions for brands.

    E-commerce App Development CodeStore

    While developing an e-commerce application that has different interfaces for the merchants, app owners, and the consumers, we integrate the three loose ends together to provide a seamless trading experience to all the stakeholders!

    Avail The Best e-Commerce Application By Deploying Our Expertise!

    CodeStore Technologies has a talented squad of mobile app developers who are highly skilled to strategically approach business and decide which solutions can better meet the needs of the customers. We are a leading eCommerce app developer who doesn’t believe in a deceptive lengthy list of solutions. We adhere to an insightful strategy to craft smart apps that users enjoy using and exploring.

    E-commerce App Development 1

    eCommerce Website Design & Development

    E-commerce App Development

    Interactive Shopping Carts

    E-commerce App Development 3

    Custom Plug-in Development

    E-commerce App Development 4

    Multi-vendor eCommerce Solutions

    An apt e-commerce mobile/web app can aid you in creating a smooth & robust customer experience that can spur the users to take action on their desire to make a purchase from you once they identify that need. This can speed up the time-to-sale & prevent customers from getting lost inside the sales funnel!

    E-commerce App Development 5

    eCommerce Payment Gateway Integration Services

    E-commerce App Development 6

    Advanced Search Options For Users

    E-commerce App Development 7

    Powerful Data Analytics

    E-commerce App Development 8

    Integration of Payment Gateway & Multi-Currency Support

    Single application- A multitude of functionalities

    At CodeStore, our proficient app experts design a single application that can serve many users simultaneously (Vendors, e-commerce platform owners, users, etc).

    • Separate User Segment Portals (Vendors, e-commerce platform owners, users, etc)
    • Super Easy Navigation
    • Instant Update for Customer Orders
    • Integrated Supply-chain Monitoring System

    Challenges In The E-commerce App Development Industry!

    E-commerce App Development 9

    Competitor Assessment

    Others provide the same goods and services as you in a competitive market. It is difficult to live without a plan to differentiate yourself. At CodeStore Technologies, we analyze the competition and give a unique outlook to your business with our e-commerce development services.

    Maintenance Of Customer Loyalty

    Acquiring new customers while maintaining the old ones requires a dedicated & consistent effort. E-commerce companies often face a challenge in building customer loyalty as the seller & buyer are unknown to each other. We can help you strategize digital solutions to boost loyalty & can incorporate them into the e-commerce apps.

    E-commerce App Development 10
    E-commerce App Development 11

    Data Security

    Security issues are a threat to any online business. Fraudsters & hackers can attack the host server & infect the websites with viruses. They might siphon out confidential information about your customer’s phone numbers, card details, etc. We provide a considerable layer of security to the e-commerce application to prevent such mishaps.

    Forecasting Insights

    With the help of our e-commerce application, not only can you facilitate online trade but also you can analyze the trends. Using our expertise in Artificial intelligence, we can integrate analytics tools in the e-commerce application for the businesses that can mine data and get priceless insights into your operations.

    E-commerce App Development 12

    Our Solutions

    Chat Application codestore

    Chat Application

    CodeStore Technologies has developed one of the most versatile chat apps which integrates with any e-commerce application. It can facilitate seamless communication between the customers and the e-commerce service providers.

    Reward Store

    We have already developed Reward Stores for many apps and we can integrate it with e-commerce apps as well. As the consumers achieve targets specified by the e-commerce platforms, they can get exclusive rewards like virtual cash, discounts, vouchers, and more.

    Specialized E-commerce Segments

    Specialized E-commerce Segments

    We have experience in specialized e-commerce segments like health & fitness, clothing & apparel, electronics, travel, and much more. As you specialize in your services, chances are high that you will be popular among the target customers looking for them.

    Reporting Studio

    Our best developers develop the Reporting Studio and it can mine all the data that is being collected and extract valuable insights from it to help a business.

    Multiple Payment /gateway codestore

    Multiple Payment /gateway

    We can integrate multiple payment gateways in e-commerce applications for easy and seamless payment processing. It offers consumers the outstanding experience of international payments from anywhere & anytime.

    On-demand Data Analytics

    On-demand Data Analytics

    Our on-demand data analytics can identify the smallest of reasons that result in the deterioration of operation or service in real-time! This allows a company to fully unleash the potential of data-driven marketing and operations.

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