A popular platform for
cross-platform application development.

cross platform

Cross-platform apps are crafted easily with the aid of Xamarin. You can develop high-performing apps for operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. 

native ui

Xamarin app development allows native user interfaces and controls that boost performance across devices. 


Bugs are minimal with Xamarin compared to several other app development languages and tools. 


Integration is straightforward with Xamarin. You can smoothly integrate Xamarin with various SDKs of mobile operating systems. 


Build your next mobile application with CodeStore.

At CodeStore, we provide excellent Xamarin services backed by a skilled squad of Xamarin developers who have an in-depth knowledge of Xamarin technology to craft effective Native apps for iOS, Windows, and Android. Our team of Xamarin developers has the level of proficiency to build enterprise-grade mobile applications. In addition, our developers are adept at delivering mobile applications to clients worldwide. So hire Xamarin developers from CodeStore and let them weave magic for your business! 

Our Achievements & Our Certifications and Recognition says it all

A synopsis of the hiring process of a XAMARIN developer.

We offer a versatile business model that caters to organizations of varied sizes and requirements. Hire a XAMARIN developer today!

ParametersFixed cost ModelT & M ModelMonthly
PaymentDependent on Delivery TimelinePay as the development progressesPayment on monthly intervals
Span of ProjectAs stated in the ContractIt is variable, if changes are made by clients regularlyAs stated in the contract
Communication modelSeamless communication during the app development phaseSeamless communication during the app development phaseSeamless communication during the app development phase
BenefitsCost-effective than the other modelsChanges can be made, if such a situation arisesChanges can be made, if such a situation arises
WorkEvaluation of the entire project when it endsSeparate evaluation of tasksSeparate evaluation of tasks
TimingRestricted time-frame for projectsThere is no stipulated time-frameA fixed number of month/months are allotted.
MethodologiesWe stick to AGILE method and the latest trendsWe stick to AGILE method and the latest trendsWe stick to AGILE method and the latest trends

Xamarin Solutions We Provide

We have tailored the different business model to hire full stack hire xamarin developer based on fixed cost, T&M based and monthly.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments are an important part of businesses. To have a seamless log of appointments with regular updates made to it as the businesses deal with many stakeholders is imperative for its robust functioning. We have developed the Appointment Scheduling app using Xamarin to do this job to perfection.

Tatkal Sms

Bulk messaging is crucial for many businesses and we’ve built Tatkal Sms to bail them out. With the exciting feature of “keeping a tab” on the delivery of messages, our Xamarin-powered application stands out from other similar applications.

Single Sign On

In today’s times, speed is something that the customer demands! Utilizing the platform of Xamarin, our developers have provided Single Sign-on functionalities in many apps that include our flagship ShrineHub application. Multiple sign-ons was never so simple using the same log-in ids.

Shrine Hub

A church management system, the Shrine Hub application has a social media interface for easy connectivity. CodeStore’s adept Xamarin developers have utilized the versatile platform to develop the application. You can check the features from our YouTube channel!


We have the intelligence to develop a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola. One of the Taxi booking apps we developed is Taxi for Sure, which was later on acquired by Ola.

Taxi Booking

We have created a Taxi booking app on the lines of the famous taxi aggregators using the Xamarin. With the help of the application, the taxis and the daily commuters can meet and transact on the platform for seamless commutation.

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    Our strategy – Hire Xamarin Developer

    We have customized our services for different business models so that we hire full-stack xamarin developers based on a fixed cost, T&M based, and monthly.

    ParametersPart TimeFull Time
    Duration80 Hours(minimum 1 month contract)160 Hours(minimum 1 month contract)
    CommunicationSkype, Google meet, Phone callSkype, Google meet, Phone call
    Hiring Period1- “X” Months1- “X” Months
    Project TrackersTime Doctor/Hubstaff/WorksnapsTime Doctor/Hubstaff/Worksnaps
    Bug trackerJiraJira

    Answer to your FAQs about  Xamarin

    Yes, with us, you can scale up/ down the team per the project’s need. 

    You can avail of our Risk-Free Trial option to evaluate a developer’s skills and then decide.

    Yes, without any issue. We keep at least 2 hours of overlap with your working hours for daily stand-ups and project discussions. 

    All of our engineering team is based out of Noida, India. 

    Yes, you will communicate directly with the developer using emails, MS Teams, and the Project Management Tool of your choice.

    With us, you can hire an developer on a full-time monthly basis, part-time hourly, and per project basis. 

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