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CodeStore Technologies provides top-notch energy and gas app development services and transforms the outlook of workforce management and productivity in this critical industry. We aid companies to uncover better ways to work & boost efficiency. We implement applications with the latest technologies that augment the E&G operations through the crafting of automated processes across the operational segments.

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Avail The Best Custom Energy and Gas application services

CodeStore Technologies is one of the best energy and gas Software Application development companies. We have the expertise to deliver a variety of customized applications to clients who are engaged in the energy sector.

We help the energy & gas businesses interconnect their employees, ease the working process, and solve complex management problems, with just a touch on the smartphones. If you have some innovation in mind- an idea that can bring the next wave of disruption, contact us today! With an in-depth knowledge of app development, our energy and gas app developers are a dedicated squad who are always looking to integrate the latest technology to develop innovative interaction/management models that enhance cost-efficiency and ensure optimal use of the existing infrastructure to boost operations.

From tracking inventory to improving personnel and logistics management, our well-crafted application can power fuel your business to grow bigger and better!

The Unparalleled App Features To Power The Energy and Gas Industry

The energy and gas industry is already undergoing a massive change by incorporating technology and a great deal of interest in mobile apps. In this industry, a lot of fieldwork is done by field managers, geologists, derrick hands, and others. Data has to be captured quickly and accurately. With a smartphone, these professionals can get data easily & utilize the time doing tasks that demand attention. Workers can also manage and review data better with a mobile device instead of deciphering notes written from the field.


Real-Time Data


Geo-location Information


Easy Collaboration

Years Of Experience

Robust Inspections, condition monitoring, and assessment

The management also benefits from access to all critical business data, wherever and whenever required. All such business-to-employee (B2E) benefits can be further multiplied through the extension of the mobile value chain to the end consumers. This transforms customer interactions to enhance relationships & develop customer loyalty.


Seamless asset management (upstream, energy-field services, downstream)


Materials Management

Years Of Experience

Powerful Data Analytics


Sales & Logistics Tool

Single application- A multitude of functionalities

At CodeStore, our proficient app experts design a single application that can serve many users simultaneously(Geologists, field managers, company owners, etc).

  • Seperate User Segment portals (Geologists, Company owners, etc)
  • GPS and GIS Location Tracking
  • Real-time communication
  • Integrated Supply-chain Monitoring System

Challenges In The Energy and Gas Industry & Our Solutions!


Real-Time Information Gathering

Real-time data is as good as gold in the energy & gas sector. We can develop applications that can capture real-time data seamlessly and speedily. The data can be utilized to make fast decisions that make a difference.

Data-entry Mistakes

Data-entry is an important task in the energy and gas development industry, and human errors can happen anytime. An application can help to negate such risks by nullifying data-entry mistakes & slowed access to critical data.


Integration of Services

Mobile applications can play a crucial role in integrating shared-services in any organization. Human resources, sales, procurement, finance, service agreement management, and operation lifespan management can be monitored under one umbrella.

Forecasting Insights

With the help of your application, not only you can collect and store data but also you can analyze them. Using AI-powered predictive analysis, you can mine your own data and get valuable insights into your operations and draft a full-proof strategy to boost operations.


Our Solutions


Cost Estimation Tool

The Cost Estimation Tool developed by the proficient developers of CodeStore Technologies can be utilized by the businesses in the Energy & Gas sector to estimate the cost of any project. This can effectively help them to make strategic decisions.


Cargo Management

An energy & Gas company can effectively track, separate, and manage a large number of cargoes with the Cargo Management feature. This will increase productivity and save time and money on the transportation of energy & gas products.


Energy & gas Heat Map Tool

The Energy & Gas heat map tool can be utilized by the engineers to detect reserves in many geographical areas and the data can be retrieved to effectively strategize operations.


Asset Management

We are capable of incorporating asset management features to help the business administrators and managers facilitate the management of assets promptly and implement decisions rapidly.



A lot of human resources are involved in the Energy and Gas business- engineers, field managers, transportation agents, drillers, etc. We can add the HRMS (Human Resource Management System) into the application we provide to coordinate & manage the human resource efficiently.


Data Analytics

We provide top-notch data analytics tools and these can be customized and integrated to the application we provide on the client’s request. The tool specializes in mining huge amounts of data to unlock tangible insights!

Our Solutions

We collaborate with startups, small and medium-sized enterprises all over the globe to build purposeful and effective technology solutions that upgrade their businesses manifold.

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