Project Description

Taking care of pets is a job that requires a lot of time. Nowadays our life has become so fleeting, that people can hardly find time to walk their pets. With the help of Pet Lover users can easily find a perfect friend that helps bring joy to their faces.

Thanks to the app, users can also track the activity and health of their pets.

People no longer have to abandon their pets because of their jobs, frequent travels, or other situations when they are not at home. Users can easily find the right pet sitter in a few seconds.


  • Pet’s digital profile – This is a core feature of any pet app since it contains basic information about the pet like age, address, breed, and name.
  • In-app activity tracking- This feature may be a core one if you want to develop a cat or dog activity tracker, or it may be one of the functions of a broader solution to keep track of pet health. This feature needs to be integrated with a wearable device like a smart dog collar.
  • Monitoring pet’s weight – Keeping track of a pet’s weight is important for its overall health.
  • Full medical records- A cat or dog health tracker should also have a feature for keeping all medical records in one place so that the users can easily update them and share them with a vet.
  • Set reminders on everything your pet needs- Most pet health trackers allow you to set customized reminders on the specific needs of your pets, upcoming events, medicine, and other caretaking items.
  • Nearby service providers- If you are thinking about a dog sitting app, for example, there should be a search feature that will help customers get in touch with people who are available to spend time with their dogs. Or, you may come up with a vet clinic database so pet owners can find the nearest clinic or hospital to book an appointment or in case of an emergency.
  • Access to online veterinarians- Telemedicine opportunities should be available to pets and their owners. Your pet health app may have a feature for getting in touch with vets online for checkups and to get emergency consultations via video calls.
  • Pet tag connection- Integration with a pet tag is essential for a lost pet finder app since the application will allow a person to find out where the pet is with the help of tag-embedded GPS.
  • Pet-friendly places- This is a must-have feature for a dog dating app since it helps pet owners find pet-friendly cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other venues and adventures, as well as meet other dog or cat owners.
  • Pet training programs- This is an essential feature of a dog training app, but it may also be a part of a pet fitness tracker or health monitoring solution.

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