Ecommerce stands for electronics trading and refers to the digital platform and business model where you can buy or sell products online. Every time you buy a product online, you take part in the ecommerce economy.

The term is broad and flexible, as it includes not only Amazon or eBay, but online banking, software services, remote service providers, or online forums (basically, any online transaction). However, depending on the context, the term “ecommerce” is often used to refer to a typical online store that sells shirts to end customers.
By definition, it may seem to involve every online business transaction — but that is simply not true.

Ecommerce is a subset of e-business. It basically involves online shopping and buying — while the online business includes any online business activity, including sales calls, purchases, contracts, and more.

An ecommerce business only needs a website as its only platform in order to function. Conversely, e-business may require Customer Relationship Management (CRM), digital workplace, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to operate.