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The future of marketing and business will be very different, inclusive, and connected to the genuine needs of customers. Technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, therefore, some of these approaches are technologically advanced and marketing trends. However, there is also a backlash against the increase in digital input and automated communication between products and consumers. Today, there is a desire to make marketing more personal.

Market Styles The perceived tendency of financial markets to move in a certain direction. We categorized these trends as those of long-term independent, especially medium-term, and second-term independent. Traders try to identify market trends using technical analysis, a framework that reflects market trends as predictable price trends within the market where prices reach support and resistance levels, varying.

Offerings and demands vary as investors try to adjust their financial allocations between different assets. For example, sometimes, investors may wish to transfer money from government bonds to “technical” stocks, but they will only succeed if someone will buy government bonds from them; at some point, they may try to transfer money from “technical” stocks to government bonds. In each case, this will affect the price of both types of goods.

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