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Full Stack Developers vs. Specialized Developers: Who is the Best for Your Business?

Full Stack Developers vs. Specialized Developers: Who is the Best for Your Business?

Full stack vs specialized developer


Technology is rapidly developing and continues to bring changes in software development. Technology forced full-stack developers and specialized developers to embrace changes to develop business-level solutions with desirable features. While specialized developers have excellent background knowledge, many entrepreneurs prefer full-stack developers these days for their knowledge of multiple technologies.

Full Stack or Specialized developer, both are productive and unique in their way – you need to choose your developer according to the need. However, before you choose between the two, you can go through the brief introduction of Full Stack and Specialized Developer.

Full-stack Developers- Introduction

As we have said, full-stack developers are like a jack of all businesses. A full-stack developer can work with both back-end and front-end development of websites and applications. Simply put, a full-stack developer can manage the entire project by building user-focused websites or databases and working with clients during the planning phase of any project.

A developer with a full stack is well versed and has limited knowledge of different development domains, such as

– Front-end development (Vue.js, Angular.js, and ReactJS)

– Back-end development (PHP, dot NET)

– UI / UX design of the project

– Databases (MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase)

– Testing (TestComplete, Postman, Selenium, etc.)

– Overall architecture, roadmap, and project planning

Here, it is interesting to note that the full-stack developer may not write all the site code but spends a lot of time in either back-end or front-end website code. Coding is a small part of a full-stack professional job profile. Thanks to advanced technology, many custom tools, and frameworks are available these days to get rid of writing code.

Pros of Full-Stack Developers

pros of full-stack developers

Project handling

A full-stack developer can handle the entire development project with no help. Every full-stack developer has sufficient knowledge of the various stages of software development, such as front-end, back-end, code, QA testing, and even marketing.


Hiring a full-stack developer is a less expensive option as it can easily replace two or more specialized developers in your project. You can also accomplish a project with a smaller team, thus reducing rental costs.

More flexibility

Full-stack developers offer higher flexibility compared to specialized developers because they are well versed in the service side and client side. They can easily switch between tasks and contribute to reducing development time.

Cons of Full-Stack Developers

Time management issues

Many companies rely on one or two full-stack developers to complete their software development projects. But then, there is always a risk of issues occurring related to time management because of a higher workload. Several tasks remain unresolved when these developers keep on working on new tasks.

Minimal benefits of technological advancements

Full-stack developers have sufficient knowledge of various domains, but they lack insight into any single domain. As a result, they cannot keep up with the latest trends and technological advancements in a particular domain. The lack of expertise in a single domain is the biggest disadvantage of a full-stack developer.

Specialized Developers- Introduction

Specialized developers, as the name implies, are experts in a particular field and have sufficient knowledge of the same. However, it does not mean that specialized developers do not have the expertise to build and deliver an application as a full-stack developer. Specialized developers have sufficient knowledge of their domain, such as design, site design, domain modeling, and multi-platform software development framework.

Specialized developers can add different solutions to complex business needs. They can manage an app development project and develop a rich application or software at a time.

Pros of Specialized Developers

pros of specialized developers

Focus on quality

If you hire a specialized developer, you can always be sure of the high quality of all projects. The reason is that specialized developers have a lot of experience in their field and their technology reflects the quality of the work. The quality of the work of specialized developers is higher than full-stack developers.

Stay updated

Specialized developers often keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their field and want to expand their knowledge. It is easier for them to keep updated on technological advances because they have sufficient knowledge of their technical field. For example, Android app developers have a complete overview of all the latest version’s features.

Easy allocation

It is easy to delegate responsibilities to specialized developers as they can easily deal with the needs of the project and other members. You can hire a specialized developer to divide the project into smaller tasks between specialized and experienced resources.

Cons of Specialized Developers

The high cost

Hiring different developers for front-end and back-end development can be very expensive, especially if your application project is complex and you need to hire over one developer in each development phase. A full-stack developer can handle both tasks easily and can save a lot of money.

More dependence

Specialized members are highly skilled in performing their duties, but their dependence on other team members is high because they are only masters of a particular domain and cannot handle the entire project on their own. Sometimes, the higher dependency causes delays in project completion, and the business has to spend a lot of money on developers.

Full-Stack Developers vs Specialized Developers – Table of Difference

Full-Stack Developers


Specialized Developers

Full-stack developers are more flexible as compared to specialized developers Flexibility Specialized developers whether front-end or back-end have expertise in a particular tech stack.
Full-stack developers are very budget-friendly. Cost Specialized developers will cost more to an organization than full-stack developers.
Time management is a serious issue in the case of choosing full-stack developers, as they will work on the front-end and back-end at two different times. Time Choosing specialized developers for the front-end and the back-end will save a lot of time.

When to Choose a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer can be hired if the requirements are of a small project with a size ranging from small to medium. The complexity of the project is low as complex projects require in-depth knowledge that a full stack developer may not have.

If the company is a small business or a startup then time and budget constraints are a challenge which is why the full-stack developer is best suited to these situations.

When to Choose a Specialized Developer?

Choosing a specialized developer means you have to go through a variety of resources. Requirements usually include having a complex or quality project. The company’s budget and size should be considered when hiring a specialized team of developers.

Concluding Lines

In short, hiring full-stack developers is a good option to start with small businesses. Specialized developers are critical for complex projects that require high-level solutions. We have seen the pros and cons of both specialized and full-stack developers. It is best to consult a well-known mobile application development company to determine which type of developer can work better for your upcoming project.

At Codestore Technologies, we have internal teams of both specialized and full-stack developers to hire. Our business advisors can guide you through the basic differences, benefits, scope, and challenges of full-stack and specialized developers.

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