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How To Develop an Efficient Food Delivery App

How To Develop an Efficient Food Delivery App

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On-demand apps are transforming various businesses across the globe with a compelling content platform, engaging visuals, and a real-time feedback mechanism. This is where the food industry has felt the biggest impact. The explosive growth of food delivery apps has encouraged many food businesses across the globe to leverage food delivery app development. It also allows restaurants and food delivery startups to automate their routine operations, accelerate food deliveries, improve customer services, and increase online market reach.

Reasons for Investing in On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Let’s take a look at some of the compelling reasons to capitalize on on-demand food delivery apps:

why investing in on-demand food delivery app

Key Features Which CodeStore Can Include While Developing Your Food Delivery Application

Here’s the list of standard features that can be built out for an intuitive online food delivery app. Based on customers’ unique business requirements, we at CodeStore integrate many advanced features to enable them to expand the consumer reach while supporting them to scale operations.

Customer Application Features

  • Easy sign-in with email, phone no. or Google or Facebook
  • Push notifications for new meals or offers
  • Place/Cancel order from a choice of restaurants
  • Receive bill estimation on order
  • Track order in real-time
  • Provide ratings, reviews & comments on recent or previous orders
  • Digital payments & contactless delivery adhering to social distancing norms
  • Re-order a meal as per the previous order

Delivery Application Features

  • Register & sign up for job quickly with a personal vehicle
  • Create a profile & update your personal information
  • Set availability for restaurant pick-up & accept orders
  • In-app navigation
  • Learn about customer location
  • Track of orders & earnings

Admin Dashboard Features

  • Delivery management to add/remove restaurants & delivery person
  • Customize the app with changes visible across all platforms
  • Notify customers & restaurant owners about platform-based offers
  • Utilize analytics to track trending restaurants
  • Manage online payments, restaurant payouts & commissions

Restaurant Side Dashboard Features

  • Create a unique profile to sign in and add restaurant details & menu
  • Launch and showcase promotion & offers
  • Manage menu by adding/removing items
  • Track delivery person to check if the order is delivered
  • Manage orders by accepting/rejecting orders
  • Use tools to manage and track earnings

How Can CodeStore Technologies Help in Developing the Most Robust Food Delivery Application

When developing a Food Delivery App, it’s crucial to minimize the cost and time spent on design and development. As an end-to-end custom food delivery app development company, we combine the power of great innovation, technology, and design and support services for both Android and iOS platforms.

To conclude, a business-centric solution for a food delivery focus enables extracting maximum value for any food business. And in a post-COVID world, we certainly expect this trend to only surge. Codestore’s experienced team has the right exposure to balance consumer preferences with business goals and develop apps across industries, including the food ordering & delivery segment to establish your robust presence.

If you are also planning to develop a food delivery app then get in touch with us and share your queries with us at: or call us at +91 8069195500 | +1 (302) 520-2820

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