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Can you guarantee time-bound results?

Milestones are determined when both parties mutually agree on a timeframe. After a comprehensive assessment of a project, CodeStore agrees to deliver it within a predetermined due date and create project milestones accordingly. However, it is not humanly possible to meet the client’s expectations at all times because mistakes can happen, glitches can be detected, and improvements can be made on the initial idea.

It will be an outright lie if we promise you 100% time-bound results. Instead, we can guarantee you a complete transparency wherein you will be a part of our team upon association. Before a project begins, we definitely provide a stipulated time-frame within which we strive to deliver. We have a reputation to be strict with punctuality but in rare scenarios, the project might overshoot the predetermined timeframe by a few notches for genuine reasons.

Generally, our standard operating procedure is to set regular milestones and if any of the milestones are not met, we work dedicatedly to make up for that by achieving the next milestone within time. This makes our team a disciplined and alert lot. In 90% of the projects we have delivered until now, we have successfully provided time-bound services to our esteemed clients.

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