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Project Description

Montaz Photo – a photo editing app with tools to add filters and various effects, with social network integration. The app is free to use and offers in-app purchases of stickers and other graphic elements.

Picsart has a great set of tools, features, and features such as AI photo effects, stickers, text overlays, and backgrounds to enhance your photos. Picsart offers multiple video-editing features to assist the business owners to create innovative imagery – without being heavy on their pockets.

Create stunning designs with Montaz awesome suite of features
  • Image Montage. Mix images that tell a story in masterful photomontages
  • Brighten Image. Effortlessly enhance and brighten your images
  • Image Enhance
  • Flip Image
  • Tools to adjust White Balance
  • Artificially Expand the borders of your image
  • Add filters and manipulate the coloring of your photo (Drama, HDR Scape, Retrolux, Grunge, etc.)
  • Artificially create Lens Blur
  • Add Text or a Vignette/Frame
  • Create a Double Exposure shot

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