Project Description

Finding a job is a time-consuming process because there is so much information to fill out. CodeStore has designed a job portal where job seekers can create profiles and customize these profiles according to their search criteria. This platform provides hiring-related services to recruiters and job seekers.

JobStore is a marketplace where job seekers and employers message each other, schedule meetings, and have in-app video interviews all in semi real-time. The platform is looking to transform the employment landscape for both hourly employers and full-time professionals, making it efficient, accessible, and instant.

Market Stats for searching Job or Recruiting

According to a study by the Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute, the number of days it takes to fill a vacancy in a blue-collar job somewhere is between 70 to 93 days. There are a number of stakeholders that make it difficult for businesses to find employees by the hour – lack of skills-based training, automatic equipment upgrades, unreliable hiring processes, etc.

But one important reason is the lack of platforms.

The number of active platforms that address the hiring needs of employees who work hourly hours is insignificant. However, even in this dire situation in terms of service delivery, the need for full-time employees is very high.
The current state of the job market demands a solution that will close the gap, effectively.

Features that CodeStore Technologies can include while developing your Job Portal

User-Friendly Interface

You should keep user interaction of your platform as easy as possible to ensure it is easy to navigate. Prioritizing this feature will help your hiring managers to organize information seamlessly, making them more efficient in their work.

Application Tracking

One of the most important features a job site should have is online application tracking software.

Easy Registration

Individual users and employers appreciate an easy registration process no matter what type of site they are using. That is why the better your registration process is, the better it would be for your job portal.

Job Alerts

Another very important feature of the job portfolio is to add job alerts. This feature allows users to receive an alert whenever a new task is posted that they want.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging makes it easy for all to control, communicate, and track conversations. The employer can quickly connect with the person they want through direct communication features and help them access all call channels, email, and instant messaging.

Part-Time and Full-Time Openings

To cater to every type of job seeker out there, your job portal should be able to distinguish between part- and full-time job listings. It should also provide the right results based on the applicant’s choices and search query.

Resume Parsing

This process, also known as resume extraction, can assist your recruiting team in exploring several resumes from multiple candidates. A resume parsing system extracts analyzes, and stores any valuable information from the resumes submitted by your applicants.

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