Project Description

Home Space is a real estate platform designed and developed to help people in finding residential or commercial properties for purchasing and renting without having to go through a lot of trouble.

Home space presents its users with the opportunity to choose their dream house or commercial space according to their requirements.


Advantages of House Renting and Purchasing Apps for Tenants

  • It helps to find the right home in your pocket easily
  • It makes it easy to do paperwork and other activities
  • Employers can pay their rent through the app
  • It offers benefits such as credit card promotions and monthly gifts

Benefits of Home Renting and Purchasing Apps for the Landlords

  • Homeowners can keep watch and manage their property
  • It helps them to find real tenants who can pay the required rent up to 40% less than the broker’s fee.

Important Features that you need to integrate into your app

1. Automatic Payment of House Rent Online

2. Requesting for the Home Maintenance through App

3. The PaperWork Gets Digitalized

4. Providing a Comprehensive Marketplace

5. No Presence of Broker or any Middlemen

6. Offering the Rewards and Attractive Offers

7. Providing Additional Information about the Locality

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