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Project Description

CodeStore Technologies has worked on an app- Hifan. It is an online service platform where people can request celebrities’ to create personalized videos for them.

It is a platform that connects celebrities to their fans through their app. It also allows users to pay certain celebrities for customized videos to share on their social media platforms.

What features does Hifan include?
  • 1-on-1 video streaming.
  • Profiles to learn more about celebrities.
  • Public Feed to share your videos and see what others share.
  • Comments to chat with celebrities and ask them anything.
  • Geo-location to find celebrities near you.

The Hifan app offers the ability to chat with Celebrities via direct messages as well. Chatting is a cheap option as long as you want to ask a celebrity a question or send a quick shout-out.

To request a Hifan, you need to make an account and visit the Hifan Marketplace through the Hifan app, where you can sort the thousands of available celebrities based on category.

Once you’ve chosen your celebrity, you’ll fill out a request form where you describe what you want your celebrity to do, in a maximum of 250 characters. Hifan accepts direct payment via credit card.

Once the request is completed, the celebrities have seven days to accept or deny the video. If accepted, the celebrity will record the video and Hifan will send a link to the video to the phone numbers and email addresses listed with the request. Users can download the video to keep forever and share however they like.

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