Project Description

Project Description

CreatForm is an online platform for collecting and sharing information, making it easy to ask and answer questions. You can use CreatForm to create anything from forms to polls, to votes, without writing a line of code. It is one of those special tools that are not only useful but also fun to play with. CreatForm policy is simple: turn data collection into self-awareness.

Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Majestic Stats For These Apps

  • 50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite forms, are their primary source of leads.
  • 74% of companies use web forms for lead generation, with 49.7% stating their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.

Features Which CodeStore Can Include In Your CreatForm App

  • Multiple ending screens
  • Hidden fields
  • Calculator
  • Templates
  • Embed your CreatForm on a web page
  • Download your data
  • Zapier,, Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and other integrations
  • Schedule a close date
  • Support pannel
  • Live chat
  • Accept payments
  • email notification

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