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The quantity of data has grown exponentially and the cost of computing and storage has diminished. With a holistic approach to data engineering and management, CodeStore provides modern data engineering and management to businesses that can monetize their data assets by developing a strong foundation of data and blending insights from data science into their business strategies.

We aggregate real-time data from an array of data sources and enable enterprises to efficiently gather, stock, assess, and manage information through its entire life-cycle while keeping costs under check.

Address Data Challenges Efficiently

Data is the new oil, but if it is only residing in a device it is worthless. CodeStore’s data engineers can extract value for your data. From crafting data pipelines to processing information, storing, and allowing access to the mine of processed data, our data engineering services execute the whole spectrum of processes that readies the data ripe for assessment.

Modern data engineering management codestore

Our list of excellent services

We aim to become your close associate for data management and engineering, by providing you the best possible services with a skilled team of engineers and experts who work tirelessly to meet your objectives.

Data Migration and Consolidation

CodeStore’s robust data migration and consolidation services aid you to have absolute control over your information through top-notch solutions to migrate and stabilize your essential business data. From profiling to cleansing and supervising data quality and metadata, we do it all.

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Data Partitioning

Big data is segregated into several self-contained blocks for easy preservation & access. The chunks can be saved in several categories of databases by tapping into their unique traits. Data, when split across many nodes, safeguard applications from a single-point failure. Our data engineers partition data adequately to execute operations on smaller chunks of data and ensure availability, scalability and efficiency.

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Processing of Data

We analyze big data efficiently with a crystal clear road map and a well-defined case of usage. The newly emerging tools for the assessment of big data needs considerate selection by due consideration of several factors involved. You can either opt for streaming or batch-processing depending on the nature of data and also the desired response timeframe.

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Data Governance

Data governance securely regulates the data to stay in line with worldwide regulations to boost data maturity, enhance analytics, provide quality data to increase consumer initiatives and safeguard customer data. Our comprehensive approach brings together all aspects of a business to provide high-quality data assets while strictly adhering to the best practices.

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IoT solutions

Our end-to-end IoT solutions can empower your smart ambitions(smart industries, smart living) and deliver a seamless experience by integrating assets, operations/logistics with services. Our data engineers have expertise across all theaters of IoT adoption to boost efficiencies.

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Big Data DevOps & Management

By using our in-depth knowledge in the DevOps and Big Data administration, we ensure the setup, deployment with full automation and management of Hadoop clusters ‘ overall performance in order to achieve high efficiency and availability. We also assist organizations in detecting possible risks, data protection and access and identity protection to ensure data security.

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The importance of
data engineering and
management for businesses!

Over the last few years, as more and more companies have achieved a digital transformation, it has produced huge swathes of new types of data that are complicated.

For any business to utilize these data, it has to organize and ensure the quality, security and availability of the information in a seamless fashion.

In order to make raw data more usable for the business, data engineers are responsible for identifying patterns in data sets and designing algorithms. This delicate job involves a considerable range of technical skills, including detailed know-how to build the SQL database and several programming languages.

Data engineers also require great communication skills in their departments to understand what business leaders expect from the vast datasets of the organization.

The proficient data engineers of CodeStore design and craft pipelines that transform and transport data into a format in such a way that when the data reaches the end-users, it is presented in a highly convenient state.

modern Data Engeneering Management codestore

These pipelines are tasked to gather data from a variety of sources and store them uniformly into a single warehouse in a well-sequenced manner.

We have done it before. And, we are ready to repeat history again!

With several years of experience in modern data engineering and management, our data engineers have fine-tuned their skills to provide clients the best services to power their goals.

Increased response time

We have a faster response time to any query or client feedback during the execution of the project.

Faster delivery time

We deliver our projects 90% faster than our peers and that makes us stand apart.

Client satisfaction index

98% of all the clients who have associated with us are satisfied with our service.

Client retention rate

3 out of 4 clients prefer to prolong the association with us!

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