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Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate is a cloud-based system that enables employees to build and work with automated workflow. These workflows can be placed within various apps. All of this is achievable without the requirement to write a single line of code.

The flows are termed automatic workflows. An employee or the user defines the actions to be taken during the occurrence of a specific event. This way, the employees can automate the repetitive tasks within various programs and applications.

As automation takes over repetitive tasks and processes along with business functions, This opens paths for increased efficiency and productivity.

Features of Microsoft Power Automate that one should always remember

  • Power BI connectors in the flow allow collaboration with the third-party database system. This way it enables organizations to access analytics.
  • The project group manages the workflow together to build a complex team flow.
  • Automation using the templates and a zero-code UI happens with just a click.
  • RPA observes and records all the actions that include a mouse click, keyboard keys, an entry in the database which replicates and automates the workflow.
  • With accessibility to mobile apps, running the automated tasks on the go becomes easier.
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