Reporting studio

Reporting Studio is a power-packed application that helps to visualize compiled data and improve business intelligence. It simplifies raw data and can compile new sets of advanced datasets that provide valuable insights in many formats (dashboards, worksheets, etc).

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Shrine Hub

Shrine Hub is one of the finest applications created by CodeStore Technologies that helps people who throng to churches stay connected and updated about the religious developments taking place around them. Prompt notifications about upcoming events and effortless communication among users (through pictures, audio, video, etc) are the highlight of this app.

Identity Server Admin UI

The Identity Server Admin UI eliminates the need for custom Identity server services. This is responsible for the configuration of all Identity Server functions, including the authorization of new protocol or form client applications and the management of users. It allows administrative tasks to be carried out efficiently.

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Chat App

Chat applications have become an integral part of society to facilitate communications. CodeStore Technologies has developed an indigenous chat application that can help any business/service to enhance customer satisfaction. Take a look!


CodeStore Technologies is a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly HRMS platform that integrates a wide range of technology modules for automation of the practice of human resources. Our rich app is used to monitor details, attendance, payroll, and real-time data on employees across all divisions. From day one of deployment, your company will benefit from our eloquent technology.

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