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We Build Mobile App And Web Apps For Every Business

Source impeccable software solutions with CodeStore

Our customer-centric approach couples the best technology stack selection with a great usability design that streamlines business operations. With a talent pool of technology experts, we provide software services, data analytics, and MUCH MORE.

Passion about Technology

We innovate, design and craft excellence! With us, you can fight that rare sublime balance between quality, cost, and punctuality. Our ever-ambitious team is always in pursuit of creative solutions to suit your requirements and provide unparalleled performance!

Challenges are Fun

When work becomes fun, any challenging project can be done with ease! CodeStorians are a coherent fun-loving squad who loves taking up new challenges together and functions like a workhorse to finish assignments on time. Associate with us, and we will shoulder your burden happily!

More than a Deal!

It is true that our fine-tuned coding forms the foundation of business software/apps. But, our job doesn’t end there. We impart the much-needed human touch to our services and ensure to serve our clients with life-long maintenance and updation if required!

Our Journey

CodeStore Journey

A dream can be achieved with a team!

With CodeStore, witness your ideas unfold into high-end applications. We understand you and your business and have the right solutions for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Name some of the well-performing PWAs built across the globe2022-06-15T11:16:49+05:30

As for PWAs, it is true that many people use them without knowing that they are PWAs.

Here are the top PWAs developed in the world:

  • Trivago
  • Instagram
  • Starbucks
  • OLX
  • Forbes
  • OLA
  • BookMyShow
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Uber
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps Go
  • Google Photos
  • Flipboard
Does PWA work well on all browsers?2022-06-15T11:14:51+05:30

Yes, PWAs are technically built with features that work well in all web browsers, be it Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more.

Does progressive app have a future?2022-06-15T11:11:28+05:30

Yes, we think PWAs the future. PWAs can and should eventually replace many native applications.

what is meant by progressive web apps development2022-06-15T11:07:14+05:30

A progressive web app (PWA) is a website that looks and behaves as if it were a mobile app. PWAs are designed to take advantage of the traditional features of the mobile device, without requiring the end-user to visit the app store, purchase and download software locally.

What would be the payment plan for mobile app development ?2022-06-15T10:32:40+05:30

We offer two models namely: Time & Material and Fixed cost projects.

At Time & Material (T&M) we offer dedicated offsite resources and billing will be made on a monthly basis at a set cost.

For Fixed Cost Projects, we analyze the overall scope and submit inclusive costs against a detailed scope of the project. The total cost will be divided into several categories and the deliveries will be shared equally so you can plan for app development.

How much does it cost to make an Android App?2022-06-15T10:17:03+05:30

The cost of Android app development usually varies from $ 15,000 to $ 100,000 depending on the number of things such as app features, technology, team size, agency location, etc.

Will we sign an NDA to keep my app idea confidential?2022-06-15T10:10:54+05:30

Yes. We always sign the NDA when we get an idea for the app. The process was done even before we got our first call with our customers.

How can I choose a react Native developer?2022-05-24T16:34:09+05:30

Once we have understood your requirements, we will be able to assign a skilled full-stack React Native programmer to work on your project, covered under CodeStore’s best practises. If you want, you can conduct interview of our developers as you want, before you initiate the project.

Why to hire dedicated developers?2022-05-24T16:25:13+05:30

You should hire dedicated engineers to do the job with the highest performance. It offers adequate benefits such as flexibility, cost savings, high output, special skill sets, easy handling, quick response to emergencies, etc.

Why hire React Native Developers in India?2022-05-24T16:24:44+05:30

When you hire React Native Developers in India, you get great software development tools, software developers, application designers, and web codes. Otherwise, you can achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

Is React Native good for 2022?2022-05-24T16:24:21+05:30

That being said, because of its precise layout, live reload, and fast development times, as well as efficient and reusable code between platforms (iOS, Android, web), we can safely say that React Native is the best cross-development option of the platform application in 2022.

What can our React Native Developers do for you?2022-05-24T16:23:53+05:30

Our React Native Developers can help you develop amazing apps that work well across all platforms. Here are our services below:


  • React Native Consulting
  • UI / UX Design
  • React Native Development
  • React Native Cross-Platform Development
  • Testing and QA solutions
  • App migration and support
What are the roles and responsibilities of Angular developer?2022-05-23T18:08:29+05:30

Design and improve user communication using advanced angularJS practices. Upgrading the interface of modern online applications using the latest technology. Writing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Improving product analysis activities.

How do I hire Angular developers?2022-05-23T18:00:14+05:30

If you want Angular.js for hire, who will be able to fit well into the company culture, this is a very useful step in the testing process. Ask about candidate history, experience, technical knowledge, and development process for a complete understanding of each individual.

Is Angular still in demand?2022-05-19T12:54:42+05:30

It is one of the most sought-after roles in the country, as well as the corresponding skills, according to LinkedIn. Javascript is one of the five major skills required in the software industry today, and Angular is one of the unique skills required to succeed in this position.

Who is the AngularJS developer?2022-05-19T12:55:15+05:30

AngularJS devs are highly qualified JavaScript developers with knowledge of theoretical angular software engineering, who specialize in creating Single Page Applications (SPAs) with Angular Java code. They create everything the user sees and hears on a web page.

What is required for Angularjs development?2022-05-19T12:55:36+05:30

Good TypeScript command. Angular is written in TypeScript, a JavaScript superset. Supports solid typing and causes fewer interruptions. Extensive web-based knowledge, mainly focusing on HTML language, and CSS

How much does it cost to hire an Angularjs developer?2022-05-19T12:56:11+05:30

You can hire an angular developer with an hourly average rate of, Junior- $10-50/hr. Mid-level- $30-80/hr. Senior- $40-150+/hr

Can you handle marketing channels for apps?2022-04-28T11:20:31+05:30

Yes, when it comes to marketing, we have a dedicated arm for digital marketing. Our digital marketing experts include experienced SEOs, content writers, social media marketers, email marketers, etc. We can provide an optimum degree of strategic support to your business and manage the marketing campaigns for you.

What is the best platform to build Web/Mobile Applications?2022-06-15T10:22:53+05:30

There are many platforms to build web applications, a few popular among them are-

  • AngularJS
  • Express.js
  • Node.js
  • React.js
What is the difference between a Native App and a Web App?2022-06-15T10:02:51+05:30

A web app works via the web browser and requires either wi-fi or cell signal for its functioning whereas the Native app is installed directly on the mobile phone. In most cases, depending upon the nature of the app, Native apps can work without using an internet connection.

What are the models of Web Applications?2022-06-15T10:19:44+05:30

The components of Web Applications can be arranged in different models

  • Single Web Server with Single Database 
  • Multiple Web Server with Single Database 
  • Multiple Web Servers with  Multiple Database
How is the work environment of the company?2022-02-17T17:48:56+05:30

CodeStore has a creative, innovative and productive atmosphere. We appreciate good sense of
humour to laugh with each other and we respect, support and empower each other. As far as the
infrastructure goes it is aesthetically appealing, most employees are young, analytical and
enthusiastic thus can-do attitude and ready to take new challenge is obvious. The Management
themselves being technical gives the edge in experience and talent.

What can be expected from me on the first month of the job?2022-02-17T17:49:19+05:30

We expect you to learn your role without burdening your supervisor, and point out that you’ll make
it a priority to be productive within your first few days on the job.

How many interview-rounds I have to go through?2022-02-17T17:49:53+05:30

Usually one Telephonic and face-to-face round with HR and two technical rounds depending on your

What should I expect to wear at interview?2022-02-17T17:50:21+05:30

Your confidence and Decent clothes, formals/semi-casuals depending on your job role.

How may I apply for the job at CodeStore?2022-02-17T17:50:44+05:30

Through Naukri or just go to our career section and fill the form.

How will I know if a vacancy comes out at CodeStore?2022-02-17T17:51:28+05:30

Follow our pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and stay updated for vacancies.

How often do you update a client about the project?2021-02-24T18:13:06+05:30

We have a standard process for keeping you up to date with the latest project management software as soon as the project commences. Our team maintains seamless contact with you to discuss critical aspects of the development, innovations, and modifications. We keep on updating even the slightest change i8n the project and invite you to provide your feedback.

I am a non-technical person. How can you help me to understand the development?2021-02-24T18:13:40+05:30

We assign dedicated project managers to assist non-technical clients to help them grasp the development process in various stages like analyzing and strategizing, designing and development, quality testing and launching.

How is hiring a developer beneficial to me than hiring a freelancer?2021-02-24T18:15:13+05:30

The developer that we assign for your project will dedicatedly work for you in comparison to a freelancer who generally juggles between many projects. In addition to that, you can always have the benefit of having the expertise of the professionals who work in different platforms and architectures. Also, you will get a project manager who oversees the project for you.

How many hours developer works?2021-02-24T18:16:25+05:30

Generally, a developer works for 8 hrs/day for 5 days a week. You are billed for 40 hours per week and 160 hours a month.

What if I need someone to oversee my project?2021-02-24T18:18:46+05:30

We generally employ a dedicated project manager/team leader if you hire us for a project. If you wish, you can delegate the project management to someone of your choice.

I only want to enhance my existing app? Can I get it done?2021-02-24T18:19:17+05:30

Yes, WE CAN do it for you! You can either develop an app directly from scratch or simply boost your application’s functionality with us. You may make complete or individual use of our mobile app development services. In all cases. migration services are also available.

Can you handle marketing channels(Social media, Adwords, email, etc) for us?2021-02-24T18:20:45+05:30

Yes, when it comes to marketing, we have a dedicated arm for digital marketing. Our digital marketing experts include experienced SEOs, content writers, social media marketers, email marketers, etc. We can provide an optimum degree of strategic support to your business and manage the marketing campaigns for you.

Do I have to test my app or website?2021-02-24T18:21:40+05:30

It completely depends on you. We have a professional Quality and Analysis team that supervises and improves the quality of any service/product that we offer. They have an eagle’s eye on the smallest of bugs(if there are any) and root them out with 100% efficiency.
However, you can go for an independent Quality and Analysis check for a product after we have delivered the project to check whether we have delivered the project perfectly.

Are you capable of working with our existing technical/marketing/design team?2021-02-24T18:22:35+05:30

Yes, we can perfectly blend our services with your existing team. When we work closely with other service-providers/in-house teams that serve you, we strive to build a robust relationship with complete focus on cooperation. If there are other stakeholders who are crucial to the completion and success of the project, then we would prefer a meeting or call with them early on, to explore ideas and identify mutual areas of cooperation.

Will I have and own the source code?2021-02-24T18:24:05+05:30

Absolutely! You will be given fitting copyright or license rights for the best codes that we write for your project. When it comes to intellectual property rights, we are very transparent. You can check and review all the code ownership terms before the commencement of the project.

Can you develop applications for both iOS and Android?2021-02-24T18:25:03+05:30

Yes, we can craft excellent hybrid/cross-platform mobile applications that can function effortlessly in the iOS and Android mobile applications. We utilize development frameworks such as React and React Native that enables us to seamlessly integrate with both platforms.

What are your rates?2021-02-24T18:26:38+05:30

Let’s get straight to the point! As a client, you will be paying us on an hourly basis. And, the rate of the projects varies as no two projects are the same. When it comes to software/application development, it’s not easy to quote a specific budget, but after scoping the project requirements, we provide a specific range. We focus on defining the scope of the work. Not only it includes the developmental costs but also other provisions such as researching the app, understanding the competition models, high-value functionalities that users want. All these factors guide us to ascertain the Minimum Value Product(MVP) that needs to be developed to be market-ready!

We always begin with a brainstorming session where we grasp the expectations and requirements of businesses and then quote the price along with the number of hours required to deliver the project.
In general, we have three hiring models

How robust is the communication during the development phase?2021-02-24T18:28:13+05:30

It is only through a fruitful and reliable communication channel that a business can thrive. As a leading app development company, we have the best communication and customer support system in place. Expert consultants are deployed during the project who dedicatedly handles your case and suggests professional opinions to improve your application to its best. With our seamless communication channel, you will never feel alien to our developmental proceedings.
We are flexible to contact you at any time you prefer communication as per your schedule.

Why should we trust you?2021-02-24T18:29:12+05:30

CodeStore provides software services that combine consistency, productivity and significant cost reduction. The services we provide rely on project needs and customer demands. Our exclusive software development models set us apart from our peers in the market. Our 24×7 offshore distribution helps us to establish an on-site presence which dramatically saves costs.

Rather than going for an all-out approach we rely on our core strength and valuable experience in developing business solutions through various forms of software libraries and solidifying it through quality assurance and testing. To date, CodeStore has crafted numerous software products for different industries and clients on a global scale. We constantly cater to enterprises located in the USA, UK, Europe, India, Australia and various other locations across the world.

Can you guarantee time-bound results?2020-04-16T07:43:13+05:30

Milestones are determined when both parties mutually agree on a timeframe. After a comprehensive assessment of a project, CodeStore agrees to deliver it within a predetermined due date and create project milestones accordingly. However, it is not humanly possible to meet the client’s expectations at all times because mistakes can happen, glitches can be detected, and improvements can be made on the initial idea.

It will be an outright lie if we promise you 100% time-bound results. Instead, we can guarantee you a complete transparency wherein you will be a part of our team upon association. Before a project begins, we definitely provide a stipulated time-frame within which we strive to deliver. We have a reputation to be strict with punctuality but in rare scenarios, the project might overshoot the predetermined timeframe by a few notches for genuine reasons.

Generally, our standard operating procedure is to set regular milestones and if any of the milestones are not met, we work dedicatedly to make up for that by achieving the next milestone within time. This makes our team a disciplined and alert lot. In 90% of the projects we have delivered until now, we have successfully provided time-bound services to our esteemed clients.

How do you assure confidentiality?2020-04-16T07:45:38+05:30

Confidentiality with the project is agreed upon with you with a Non-disclosure Agreement that will be signed before a project commences.

What control do we have over the project?2020-04-16T07:45:29+05:30

When you hire developers and other professionals in CodeStore, not only do you get them but also a team leader and project manager assigned to you for the projects. You will be provided with all the daily tasks and achievements and all the valuable suggestions you require to better the project. You can directly interact with us at any time of your preference and check the product during the development process.

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