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Push Notifications – Boost Your Business With The Latest Marketing Trends

Push Notifications – Boost Your Business With The Latest Marketing Trends

Push Notifications - Boost Your Business With The Latest Marketing Trends


A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the app or must be using the device to receive them. Push Notifications can do a lot of things; for example get a user to take any action, such as downloading a coupon, or can let a user know about an event, such as a flash sale.

Push notifications are a fantastic marketing tactic since they allow businesses to directly connect with their customers if the user has installed your application on his/her smartphone. This simply leads to better user engagement and improves customer retention.

Before getting started, let’s elaborate on the differences between Push Notification and SMS Message?

Difference Between Push Notification and SMS Messages

Despite some similarities, push notifications and SMS messages are not completely the same. Both of these messages are delivered straight to the user’s phone and appear similarly on their smartphone’s home screen, yet they are entirely different.

Push notifications require a character limit to appear correctly on the home screen. Whereas, users open text messages to read the complete statement and they are lengthier. Push notifications should never get cut off on the lock screen. This will harm your conversions.

As a result, push notifications with fewer inputs have higher click-through rates. Therefore, you must know how to convey your point with minimal words. Swiping to open a push notification has the same effect as a text message. On the other hand, an SMS will redirect the user to the inbuilt messaging app, but a push notification would redirect the user to the application that delivered the message.

Push notifications are superior since the user knows who is sending them. The messages come from an app they’ve landed on their device. But in the case of text messages, people constantly receive similar texts from unknown numbers, and sometimes they receive spam messages.

Have you ever noticed that every industry type has a particular time to send push notifications to their user base? They do so because that is the time when there is a greater chance of conversions. Let’s have a look at the push notification sending time industry-wise.

When Do Push Notifications Go Out?

The peak period for sending push notifications differs from industry to industry, but there appears to be a preponderance of pushes in the afternoons during the week.

When Do Push Notifications Go Out?

Reference:- Statista

How to Gain Maximum Benefits Using the Push Notifications

Personalization is Important:-

Don’t just deliver a similar message to all who have installed your mobile application. Being the business owner you must ensure that each message is relevant to your targeted audience. As we all know how top brands send push notifications with different and eye-catching texts on them.

As your application has access to the user’s data, it is simple to deliver personalized push notifications. For example, if you are a shop owner having a mobile application, then you can send helpful messages to clients based on their purchase history.

To make it more simple let’s assume you are the owner of a small neighborhood restaurant having a mobile application. You specialize in cooking authentic Asian food and you also provide home delivery via your mobile app.

When anyone orders the best Tom Yum Soup from your restaurant multiple times, then you may give them a push notification regarding their order. You can also send them exciting offers on their favorite Tom Yum Soup via push notifications. Such personalized push notifications will help you in retaining customers.

Considering the User’s Device:-

Push notifications are not consistent for all smartphones. You might have observed that Android devices have a higher number of users who activate push notifications than Apple users. This is because not all alerts appear equal. The home screen and notification centers, for instance, differ among Android and iOS smartphones. As notifications on iOS devices go in unlocking the device, regardless of whether they click a link to view the text. However, for Android phones, the notification remains on the lock screen till the user takes any action. As a result, if users don’t open the notification message, they must directly clear it.

Option for Enabling and Disabling Push Notifications:-

Customers have the right to choose whether or not to get push notifications. People will turn off push notifications if they do not want to hear from your business. Unlike text messages, this communication technique leaves the user in total control.

An appropriate push notification could have a higher open and conversion rate while sending too much of them can end up in backfiring. More than half of the app users sometimes consider push notifications an annoyance.

However, this is not the case for everyone. According to research by Statista, 26% of users like notifications because they appreciate receiving information about their interests. Also, more than 20% of users believe push notifications help them to be more productive.

Therefore the trick every business needs to remember is that providing value to people via push notifications while not irritating those who locate them is distracting However, most of the app users choose to get push notifications. As you’ll see, this differs depending on the business. Both Android and iOS devices see different push notifications.

Staying selective is the most excellent approach to ensure that smartphone users do not opt out of your push notifications. Trying to send too many notifications is the fastest way to get disconnected from your customers. Unfortunately, that’s a problem because once a user opts out of a push notification, it’s challenging to convince them to opt back in. After all, you have just lost one of your customers.

Too many of these push notifications will cause a negative association with your brand or mobile app. So make sure that you’re selective whenever you’re thinking about using a push notification. Stick with ones that add value to the user.

Location-Based Push Notifications:-

Being a business owner you wouldn’t want to send push notifications too frequently, you’ll need to develop a compelling reason to utilize them. One of the most favorite methods is to post signals based on the user’s location.

Large corporations employ the ability in conjunction with push notifications to improve the revenue from users who have downloaded the app on their smartphones. This is how it operates. Configure your application to monitor the user’s location, with their consent and if their position falls outside your geofencing area, you may send them a prompt notification.

These types of push notifications are excellent as they are accurate and specific. As the individuals have the mobile app installed on their smartphone and they are interested in receiving your notifications.

Final Words

Push notifications offer considerably greater open rates when compared to other types of marketing techniques. This is most likely true in the sense that not everyone receives SMS notifications. Nevertheless, since push notifications are less frequent, app users tend to be engaged.

Users that are actively involved in your application will stay with you and to encourage them, push notifications are the best option. This will result in increasing the profit of your business. Nowadays it is very essential to use push notifications for a better marketing strategy.

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