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CodeStore Technologies, Where Innovation and Creativity Changes the Shape of Your Business: GoodFirms

CodeStore Technologies, Where Innovation and Creativity Changes the Shape of Your Business: GoodFirms

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CodeStore Technologies, Where Innovation and Creativity Changes the Shape of Your Business: GoodFirms

Being a mere developer to a CodeStorian, how the industry’s challenges are overcome by meeting customer demands. Have a glance at the entire story in the words of Mr. Ajay Kumar Goel – the CEO and Founder of CodeStore Technologies.

CodeStore Technologies design, innovate and create tech products and solutions. It is a Noida, India-based company that unofficially came into existence in 2015 and was incorporated by Mr. Ajay Kumar Goel in 2017 to overcome the challenges of the IT industry and solve the real-time problems of the industry participants.

As a software development company, expert developers at CodeStore Technologies focus on developing mobile apps, web apps, consulting, and outsourcing to offer the best services and support to their clients. Also, it is an ideal technology solutions partner that believes in adding value to its client’s business. The company holds massive experience in analyzing complicated business processes and turns them into simple software applications.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Mr. Ajay Kumar Goel, the CEO, and Founder of CodeStore Technologies, shared how the company was established and what is his role in taking it to the next level despite competition.

Mr. Goel starts the interview by sharing his responsibility as a CEO. He manages the overall workings of the company, from delegating and directing agendas to managing organizational structure and communicating with the board. Mr. Goel memorizes the challenges he faced when the companies hindered hiring Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges for significant positions in their organizations and how students suffered to obtain a responsible jobs. He worked for 4 years in the IT industry. At that time he realized that all companies look for great developers and provide them all the freedom to perform their best. The only thing is to find the best talent. The idea got clicked and it encouraged him to start his own venture. Moreover, he later again realized that the demand for IT services is constantly rising, so setting up CodeStore is the best as of now. With 5 teammates, it began, and now they are 70+ today. New talents are always welcome in the team for the most challenging responsibilities.

While talking about the business model of the company, Mr. Goel clarifies that CodeStore Technologies works entirely on the in-house business model with a team of 70+ employees. It includes quality designers, digital marketers, the HR team, the quality assurance team, and developers. The company works on both Fixed Cost Payments, Time and Material Cost Payment structures that could be hourly or monthly-based payments.

According to Mr. Goel, CodeStore Technologies serves Startups and SMEs all over the globe to build purposeful and effective technology solutions that upgrade our client’s businesses.”

The company provides the best services to its clients in terms of NDA, direct interaction with the team, quality of services, flexible contracts, in-time delivery, and out-of-the-box solutions. A planned research and development process implemented in the company helps in improving their sales, opening gates for new markets, enhancing brand reputation, finding new business opportunities, and gaining access to new supply chains. Furthermore, the industry it caters to includes app building for Healthcare, Education, Fitness, Food, Logistics, Finance, Social Networking, Travel, E-commerce, and On-Demand Apps.

Mr. Goel claims that CodeStore Technologies owns repetitive and quality clients. The client retention rate in the company is 80% and their success rate is 90%. Web App Development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Software Maintenance, Digital Marketing, Software Testing, etc services are offered to the clients across the world. Also, most of the clients of the company come for web app and mobile app development solutions and the company professionals are experts in Logistics, Healthcare, ERP, and CRM solutions. It is recognized as soon to become the top mobile app development company in India as per GoodFirms listings and ranking criteria.

The Founder of CodeStore Technologies claims to provide online and offline support to their clients. The salesperson handles the client’s call and understands their requirements. The business analyst analyses, verifies, documents, and gives the approval to create the client contract. Then, the project development starts with providing annual maintenance support to the clients for better services.

Pay Per Milestone structure is followed for all old clients and the Advance + Pay Per Milestone system is followed for new clients. Generally, the milestones are based on wireframes and screens designing, development, and user acceptance tests. Mr. Goel announced that the company has started maintaining its minimum budget of $15K from this year, 2022. The minimum and maximum budget bracket they have worked for in 2021 were $10k to $45k.

Mr. Goel concludes the interview by sharing that CodeStore Technologies has entered new domains this year. In fact, he is planning to extend their domains and work globally. Collaborating with new partners and tie-ups will be the focus in the coming years. He adds, “In the next 10 years, I see my team size of 1000+ with the offices present globally serving in all the industries. CodeStore will be dominating other IT Technologies and Services.”

The detailed interview can glance on the GoodFirms company page.

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